Foreword: The following is a guest post from Michele Ong. Michele writes for student newspaper Te Waha Nui.


Dear all,

My name’s Michele and I am a student journalist from AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand.

I write for our student newspaper, Te Waha Nui. It basically means “The Big Mouth” in Maori.

I am doing a story on the rise of employment scams during this recessionary period and have come across a few LLI associates advertising in my local community paper.

I would like to speak to any ex-LLI members (preferably if you are in New Zealand but if you aren’t, it does not matter either) about your experiences with the company and word of advice to other people.

I am happy to keep you anonymous.

I have lodged a report with New Zealand’s Commerce Commission and am waiting for them to get back to me about it.

Please email me your experiences to

I need the story to be done by September 4, 2009, so if you see this post, please get typing immediately!

I must not allow the people of New Zealand to be victimised!