planb4you-logoThere is no information on the PlanB4You website indicating who owns or runs the business.

PlanB4You does have a “who are we?” section on the site, but only the following non-specific information is provided:

We are the BVBA Create Commerce (Ltd.), trading under the name of PlanB4You.

johny-schabregs-owner-planb4youThe PlanB4You domain is registered to a “Johny Schabregs”, with an address in Belgium provided.

This matches the address provided on the PlanB4You website, with the company’s affiliates also naming Schabregs (right) as PlanB4You’s founder and owner in their marketing presentations.

Details on Schabregs’ MLM history are sketchy, despite the PlanB4You website crediting him with “years of Multi-Level Marketing experience”.

Read on for a full review of the PlanB4You MLM business opportunity.

The PlanB4You Product Line

PlanB4You has no retailable products or services.

A Faja Lobi banner appears on the PlanB4You website, which when clicked opens up “”.


This appears to be a separate website Johny Schabregs uses to market Faja Lobi products. Faja Lobi is a European company that manufactures Surinamese cuisine.

Surinamese cuisine is extensive, since the population of Suriname came from many countries.

Surinamese cuisine is a combination of many international cuisines including East Indian, African, Javanese (Indonesia), Chinese, Dutch, Jewish, Portuguese, and Amerindian cuisines.

FajaLobi appears to have nothing to do with PlanB4You however, with Schabreg including the banner on the website only as a means to promote his franchiseeship with Faja Lobi.

The PlanB4You Compensation Plan

The PlanB4You compensation plan revolves around affiliates investing in “click block” positions.

Each “click block position costs 40 EUR, with PlanB4You advertising an eventual 50 EUR ROI.

The click block ROI is paid out daily at a rate of 2 EUR, with PlanB4You affiliates required to click ten company-supplied advertisements a day to qualify.

Operating in a similar manner to click block investment positions are “extra blocks”, which also pay out a 50 EUR ROI, but is done so via a binary compensation structure.

A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a binary team, with positions filled in the binary via direct or indirect recruitment:


Extra block positions pay out a ROI subject to investments made by affiliates in the binary (as opposed to company-wide with click blocks).

PlanB4You advertise that an affiliate is able to be paid out a percentage of investments made by new affiliates in their binary, at ‘a rate of return of 10% over 20 layers deep‘.

Referral commissions are available on investments made by recruited affiliates, paid out using the same binary compensation structure.

Theoretically a binary team can extend down an infinite number of levels, however in PlanB4You referral commissions are capped at six levels:

  • Level 1 – 10%
  • Level 2 – 5%
  • Level 3 – 3%
  • Level 4 – 2%
  • Level 5 – 1%
  • Level 6 – 0.5%

Joining PlanB4You

PlanB4You affiliate membership is free, however a click block investment needs to be made to earn commissions.

This means the minimum defacto cost of joining PlanB4You is 40 EUR.

I believe affiliates can only have 1 click block position, with subsequent investments having to be extra block positions (paid out through the binary).


Likely designed in an attempt to throw off regulators, the PlanB4You website is obviously not designed to market or promote the investment opportunity they have running.

No details of the PlanB4You business model or compensation plan are provded on the website, with it designed to solely act as a signup portal after a PlanB4You affiliate has pitched the opportunity to a new investor.

This is what appears to be an attempt to fly under the radar, with the idea being that only investors who are open to the idea of Ponzi schemes are the ones who eventually visit the site to register.

As for the business model itself, pulling it apart is rather simple. PlanB4You affiliates invest in click block at 40 EUR a pop, new and existing affiliates invest after them and those who invested earlier get a cut.

Or as PlanB4You put it in their official marketing material:

You earn from day one, after your payment is received

-No high entry fees (only one-time € 40,-)
-No mandatory monthly qualifications
No product selling
-Not dozens of people to register
-No complicated compensation plans
-No work for month without merits

How Does It Work

Sign up – and you’ll get an instant e-mail. Deposit € 40,-through your bank, PayPal or STP to PlanB4you. You can begin after PlanB4you has received the money.

Then your “click block” will become active and you can start making money.

This click block gives you access to the website and your back office.

With this click block:
You click on 10 banners per day, then you get € 0,20 per click, € 2,- per day.
Do this for 25 days en you have earned € 50,-.

Then you have a € 10,- nice profit.

When the above spiel was written I’m not sure, but I imagine the company’s Paypal account has likely been shut down.

I have seen some pretty laughable attempts by PlanB4You affiliates to cover up the inherent Ponzi scheme,

They have invested in factories to make their own products.

The extra blocks is nothing compared to the potential from the commission from product sales. We could easily be +20,000 members by the end of the Year.

But rest assured, as per the PlanB4You business model all that’s happening here is the shuffling of new investor funds to existing investors.

I’ve seen some chatter about affiliates being required to spend some of their ROI in a “webshop”. This appears to be your standard withholding of a withdrawal to prolong the scheme.

Affiliates are apparently required to purchase items from the webstore, which Johny Schabreg collects on funnels what’s left back into the scheme.

As with all Ponzi schemes, once new investment slows down the company will be unable to pay out the daily 2 EUR ROI on its click block positions.

At around the same time affiliates will notice the daily percentage paid out on extra block positions will plunge towards 0%, irrespective of how many affiliate investors they have in their binary.

Things will continue to deteriorate as the scheme is starved of new investor funds to pay out and then finally it’ll end with the inevitable Ponzi kaboom.