planb4you-logoPlanB4You was a Ponzi scheme launched in mid-2014 by Johny Schabregs.

As per PlanB4You’s business model, affiliates invested €40 EUR on the promise of a €50 EUR ROI.

In a rare show of force by European regulators, the ill-fated scheme was shut down by Dutch authorities a few months after launch.

Schabregs managed to evade authorities for a few months, but was eventually apprehended in early 2015.

Charged with fraud, operating a pyramid scheme and money laundering, criminal proceedings against Schabregs have been playing out this past year.

johny-schabregs-owner-planb4youOn Wednesday May 4th those proceedings concluded and, in a court in Amsterdam, Schabregs (right) was sentenced to three years in prison.

Previously undisclosed, the proceedings revealed that PlanB4You scammed “nearly 5 million euros” from “about 17,000” investors.

The convicted swindler told his victims that he would invest the deposited money into projects that would achieve ‘sky-high returns”.

In reality, these promises were based on quicksand, and Schabregs merely enriched himself’, concluded the court.

Schabregs did himself no favours during his trial, purportedly declaring he could still find “a good concept to make money” and deliver promised ROIs through PlanB4You.

The court interpreted this by determining that Schabregs had a high-chance of re-offending.

He was apparently also arrested in the nick-of-time, with authorities revealing Schabregs continued PlanB4You despite being aware he was under criminal investigation. His arrest interrupted plans to move the scheme to Dubai or Bulgaria.

Both Dubai and Bulgaria have emerged as MLM underbelly hotspots over the past few years. Fraud regulation in both regions is virtually non-existent.

OneCoin, believed to be the current largest MLM Ponzi scheme, has ongoing operations in both Bulgaria and Dubai.

Despite OneCoin being very publicly run out of Bulgaria, to date Bulgarian authorities have not indicated they are investigating the scheme.