In our Vexa Global review published a few months back, we noted identification of company ownership was inconclusive.

Now, via a recently emerged paper trail, it appears a serial-scammer from Poland might be behind the scheme.

Vexa Global is your typical MLM crypto Ponzi scheme.

Vexa Global affiliates invest up to $100,000 on the promise of advertised 180% returns. The MLM side of the business pays commissions on recruitment of new affiliate investors.

In our research into who’s behind Vexa Global, we dismissed the company’s claim it was founded by Ernest Bogdanov.

But while Bogdanov might very well not exist, he does lead us to another individual.

Vexa Global states Ernest Bogdanov runs the company through Global Partner LLC, a Delaware corporation.

Global Partner LLC is an actual incorporation dating back to 2015 as claimed, however we believe it is a purchased company.

On July 17th 2019, Vexa Global Is A Scam LLC was incorporated in Delaware.

That’s not a typo, it’s the actual name of the company. You can look it up yourself through file number 7520112.

In addition to both incorporation being tied to Vexa Global by name, they both share the same Valig Group agent registration.

According to a “Statement of Organizer” filed on July 19th, Ernest Bogdanov is behind Vexa Global Is A Scam LLC.

Note the Warszawa, Poland address used.

Polish incorporation records reveal this same address was used by Pawel Wojnicz to incorporate “BizMedia Paweł Wojnicz”

Or at least it was. A few days ago Wojnicz appears to have changed the incorporation address in an attempt to hide the link:

As above, on August 19th Wojnicz changed BizMedia Pawel Wojnicz’s incorporation street address to “No. 35, location 1”.

It’s the first and only change to the incorporation Wojnicz has made in three years.

Our conclusion from all of this? Ernest Bogdanov is an alias used by Pawel Wojnicz and Wojnicz owns Vexa Global.

So who is Pawel Wojnicz?

Turns out he’s a serial promoter of Ponzi schemes in Poland because… well, of course he is.

Wojnicz appears to have made a name for himself scamming people through FutureNet.

More recently, Wojnicz been promoting the Exp Asset Ponzi scheme.

Ironically and/or intentionally, Exp Asset owner Patryk Krupinski claimed Piotr Badynski was behind Vexa Global.

Krupinski claimed to have arrived at this conclusion after Badynski allegedly blackmailed him, and he cross-referenced email address in Exp Asset’s database.

In any event, fun fact: Exp Asset confirmed its collapse less than 24 hours ago.

According to a screenshot posted by Wojnicz to his FutureNet profile, he’s managed to screw Exp Asset investors out of almost $1.2 million dollars:

Note however that that was eight months ago.

How much more Wojnicz (right) has been able to steal since then is unclear, but it was evidently enough to bankroll Vexa Global.

Alexa traffic estimates for Vexa Global’s website suggest Wojnicz is primarily targeting investors in India (34%). The company is scheduled to launch its own ICO exit-scam later this year.

When he’s not busy scamming people out of their money through Ponzi schemes, Pawel Wojnicz can be found flaunting his ill-gotten gains on Instagram.


Update 11th November 2022 – Following the arrest of FutureNet co-founder Roman Ziemian, Pawel Wojnicz has marked his Instagram account private.

This article originally contained a link to Wojnicz’s account, which I’ve now removed.