EtherConnect’s race to the bottom continues, following the announcement of PandaInu.

PandaInu is an attempt to cash in on the “inu” memecoin fad.

The New ICO Token Name: Pandainu Token

Project Details: Pandainu is Meme Project Backed with Actual Real Use Case of Decentralized Crypto Wallets with Military Grade Security.

“Inu” memecoins were briefly a thing back when dogecoin pumped a few months back. They’ve mostly died out so this is EtherConnect really scraping the bottom.

The plan seems to be to dump PandaInu on EtherConnect’s existing ECC bagholders, then hope new investment from the unsuspecting public will enable them to cash out.

Yes for every 1 ECC you have in your ECC dashboard, you will get 20 FREE Pandainu Tokens

Hold More ECC Coins & Earn More FREE PANDAINU Tokens.

Panda Token launch will be backed with both ECC & EIFI communities and you can imagine the kind of awareness this project is about to have.

Attempting to recreate the collapsed BitConnect Ponzi scheme, EtherConnect launched ECC back in March.

It quickly collapsed, prompting EtherConnect to launch EYFI in June.

EYFI flopped, prompting EtherConnect to launch EIFI a few weeks later in July.

EIFI has gone nowhere, so here we are with another pump and dump scheme.

EIFI is of course being worked into the PandaInu pump and dump scam.

Important Note: Airdrop 3.0 will distribute as per schedule on 31st August, and the snapshot will be taken of ECC coins wallet holders and share the FREE EIFI will be given in 50:1 ratio (50 FREE ECC Coins = 1 EIFI Coin).

Whether PandaInu dumps next month as early EtherConnect investors cash out, or fails to take off altogether remains to be seen.

Either way if you weren’t onboarded like EtherConnect’s admins and top scammers, you’re just feeding them money.

Seeing as EtherConnect seem to be launching shitcoin scams every month now, see you next month I guess.