EtherConnect’s first shitcoin factory launch, EYFI, has collapsed.

Just three weeks or so after launching it, EtherConnect has abandoned EYFI.

Now EtherConnect are expecting affiliates to invest in EIFI.

EIFI is a 1:1 clone of EYFI. All the scammers behind EtherConnect did was rerun the shitcoin script they originally created EYFI with.

Prior to collapsing, EthConnect represented EYFI was worth just over $3.

Both EYFI and EIFI are tokens created on the Binance SmartChain (think ethereum and ERC-20).

On top of their shitcoin factory, EtherConnect also solicit investment into ECC, an ethereum based ERC-20 token.

EtherConnect launched by flogging its ECC shit token for 10 cents to investors around March 2021.

EtherConnect represents the current internal value of ECC is around 30 cents.

Both ERC-20 and Binance SmartChain tokens can be set up in minutes at little to no cost.

Thus far investor reaction to realizing they can be exit-scammed at any time appears muted:

No doubt this will see EtherConnect continue to milk investors dry with a few more shitcoin launches yet.

EtherConnect is a BitConnect clone run on ethereum instead of bitcoin. It is believed to be run by multiple individuals with ties to Russia, the Ukraine and India.

Based on Alexa’s traffic analysis, EtherConnect’s victims are primarily based out of India, Russia and the US.


Update 6th August 2021 – EIFI has gone nowhere, prompting EtherConnect to announce PandaInu.