Ovaba, noun: homeboy, what white people call other white people.

synonym: nucca or nicga

There is no information on the Ovaba website indicating who owns or runs the company.

The domain ‘ovaba.com’ was registered on the 25th November 2010 and lists the registrant as ‘OB Organisation’, operating out of Chicago in “VN” in the US at the address

777 Success Building

777 Success Building hey? With VN being the commonly used abbreviation for Vancouver, which is in Canada (Chicago is in the US state of Illinois), it’s obvious whoever is running Obava has just entered fake details. In all likelihood ‘OB Organisation’ exists in name only.

As always, if a MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money.

The Ovaba Product Line

Ovaba have no retailable products or services. Instead, upon joining the companies members are only able to recruit new members with Ovaba paying members a commission per new member recruited.

The Ovaba Compensation Plan

Ovaba pay out commissions using a 5×5 matrix. A 5×5 matrix places you at the top with 5 member positions underneath you:

Under each of those five positions are another 5 positions and so on and so forth down 5 levels (for a total of 3905 positions).

The basic idea is that these positions are filled with newly recruited members that either you recruit or your upline or downline recruit. For each member in your matrix Ovaba will pay you $1 a month.

Ovaba also state that members will be ‘paid to surf‘, however the company fails to provide any further specifics on this.

Note that in order to qualify for commissions, Ovaba members must first personally recruit 5 new members into the company (‘when you get 5 referrals you can monetize your network‘).

Joining Ovaba

Membership to Ovaba is free.


Big websites earn billions of dollars every month from advertising, but they don’t share profits with users, that’s not good.

Ovaba is the future big project launched by three big companies, & all internet marketers think that Ovaba will change the internet for ever, people will send you money, all the world will change.

Apart from the hilarious marketing spiel and guarantees made above, the biggest glaring problem with Ovaba is “where is commission money going to come from?” It’s all very well to promise thousands of dollars to your members but the money has to come from somewhere and Ovaba are pretty vague about it:

You will be paid to surf in Ovaba, & you will be paid if you invite people to surf in Ovaba.

Your account will be active & you will receive a monthly income for life.

‘Paid to surf’ programs typically pay members peanuts with revenue
being derived from website owners wishing to place their websites in a company wide rotator. This rotator then serves up these websites to company members, who have to view the websites in order to generate commissions.

With members paid to view these websites, typically advertising rates are rock-bottom as there’s virtually nil organic interest in the content being shown to website viewers (company members).

How Ovaba are going to generate enough revenue to pay out members $1 per member in their matrix and “pay to view” commissions is a mystery.

Long time readers of BehindMLM will immediately get the feeling of dejavu when looking at Ovaba as it’s near identical to last year’s gargantuan flop, Wazzub.

Wazzub also initially promised to pay members $1 per new member in their matrix and figured they’d make more than enough revenue through advertising to cover this. Despite attracting an alleged 6 million plus members between their prelaunch from December 2011 to May 2012, the promised $1 per member placed into a matrix was quietly dropped as revenue projections fell well short of expectations.

Finally when Wazzub’s launch in May rolled around, the company managed to barely raise around $2000 in revenue and failed to pay members anything. To date I don’t believe Wazzub has paid out a cent to anyone and currently appears to be in day 10 of a new 42-day pre-launch relaunch after their last few unofficial pre-launch launches have flopped (Wazzub has had so many launches and pre-launches it’s hard to keep track of them all).

In any case, with Wazzub demonstrating the utter failure of an advertising based revenue model when it’s applied to a MLM style compensation plan, Ovaba is most likely destined to follow in the same footsteps.

Like Wazzub, Ovaba has announced a ridiculously long pre-launch phase with the company planning to launch in April 2013. Best of luck guys but like Wazzub I don’t see this going anywhere no matter how many members sign up.