Rather than just be upfront about its fourth co-founder, Nelo Life has chosen to dance around Orkan Arat’s involvement.

All Nelo Life promotional material thus far has failed to disclose Arat as a Nelo Life co-founder.

In fact on a recent Nelo Life webinar, co-founder Eric Allen was downright childish about it. Allen acknowledged a fourth Nelo Life co-founder but referred to him only as “Big O”.

Separately I’ve been informed this is because of Arat’s involvement in another MLM company.

Further research into Nelo Life’s white labelled nutritional supplements might provide some clues.

To its credit Nelo Life has been upfront about white labelling nutritional supplements.

While they didn’t disclose who was manufacturing the supplements, BehindMLM was tipped off to “LifeC” being an abbreviation for Life Converted.

Life Converted sell their range of supplements directly to consumers on their own website.

Life Converted represents itself to be based out of Texas. On its website, Life Converted additionally states it

was established in 2023, rooted in the core of the USA with a vision to forge a brand distinguished by its commitment to quality and transparency.

Despite it’s claimed “commitment to transparency”, who owns Life Converted isn’t disclosed.

Interestingly enough, if you punch in Life Converted’s corporate address into Google, you find out it’s owned by Globallee.

Globallee is a Texas-based MLM supplement company co-founded by Mark McKnight, Lamia Bettaieb and Nauder Khazan.

Why Life Converted is using Globallee’s corporate address on its website is unclear.

Also unclear to me at the time is mention of Vidafy on Life Converted’s website:

Vidafy was a Utah-based MLM company that features “Life Converted” in its marketing.

Further research reveals Vidafy is now owned and operated by Plondo Network.

Plondo Network is a Lousiana company in turn owned by Orkan Arat.

And so we have:

  • Orkan Arat owning Vidafy, who sell Life Converted’s products, through Arat’s Californian company Plondo Network
  • Life Converted using Globallee’s corporate address on its website
  • the connection between Globallee, Life Converted Arat being unclear
  • Nelo Life intentionally hiding Orkan Arat’s involvement for undisclosed reasons
  • Nelo Life selling Life Converted’s products, meaning Arat is double-dipping as co-owner of both companies

Whilst it’s certainly messy and perhaps ethically questionable, legally I can’t see a problem with Arat having his thumb in so many MLM pies.

I suspect the issue with publicly naming Arat as a Nelo Life co-founder might come down to contractual agreements between Vidafy, Globallee, Life Converted and/or other companies with ties we’re not aware of.

If that’s the case, the problem is even if Arat isn’t named by Nelo Life, he’s still involved. And if that’s the problem… well, it’s still a problem whether Arat is named or not.

Otherwise I can’t think of why Nelo Life is beating around the bush here.

Either way, more evidence of Nelo Life being a hastily launched “capture as much of FinMore collapsing” cash grab.