Following regulatory bans in Germany and India, the latest country to confirm an investigation into OneCoin is now Slovenia.

Having observed regulatory investigations into OneCoin in other European countries, the website Cekin wondered if any such investigations were taking place in Slovenia.

Upon contacting the Market Inspectorate, the regulator responsible for consumer protection in Slovenia, Cekin were told an investigation is already underway.

When the publication pressed for details, a representative of the Market Inspectorate stated because the investigation is in progress, they were unable to provide specifics until it was concluded.

What Cekin was able to learn is that the Market Inspectorate are working with Slovenian police.

When queried, a police representative confirmed an investigation but stated assistance had only been sought recently.

According to Slovenian law, the penalty for running a pyramid scheme is a fine of €3000 to €40,000 EUR. Individuals promoting a pyramid scheme can be fined €300 to €2000 EUR.

Last year OneCoin introduced a “Super Combo” package, allowing affiliates to invest up to €225,000 EUR.