A resident of the town of Meissen has been ordered to compensate victims he lured into the OneCoin Ponzi scheme.

This is the second civil case the man has lost, on top of a criminal case filed by Bielefeld Prosecutors.

Meissen is a town of 27,000 in the east German state of Saxon.

From here, the unnamed individual recruited a Bavarian man into OneCoin.

The Meissen defendant pitched the Bavarian man on the promise of placing additional recruits under him.

Three names were initially placed under him but soon disappeared.

That never happened and so the Bavarian man was left bagholding around 6000 EUR of worthless OneCoin points.

Rather than accept his loss the Bavarian man challenged the defendant, which led to the agreement of 3000 EUR in reimbursement.

Of the agreed amount, the defendant only transferred back 300 EUR… in worthless OneCoin points.

This prompted the Bavarian man to file suit for losses in the Meissen District Court.

Upon being given the chance to defend himself in court, the defendant failed to convince the Judge hearing the case.

The defendant claimed he placed twelve investors under the Bavarian plaintiff. However when pressed he couldn’t prove it or provide their details for verification.

The defendant was also lambasted for orchestrating his ruse through a UK shell company.

Judgement in favor of the Bavarian plaintiff saw the defendant fined 1800 EUR and ordered to pay back the initial ~6000 EUR investment.

This is the second judgment against the individual. The first saw him fined 1200 EUR and ordered to pay back around 12,000 EUR.

The sixty-one year old Meissen defendant claims to be bankrupt. OneCoin as a business is also “running very badly”, so there’s doubt whether the judgments will be paid.

Bielefeld prosecutors had also filed a criminal case against the defendant , however it was later suspended pending further investigation.

The Bielefeld prosecutor’s initial investigation led to a raid on OneCoin’s Bulgarian offices. The investigation has since expanded to include OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova as a key suspect.

OneCoin itself collapsed in early 2017. Ignatova did a runner with invested funds a few months later.

Ignatova’s brother and former bodyguard, Konstantin Ignatov, continues to string investors along as head of the company.