onecoin-logoA fortnight ago we reported on OneCoin having lost their Italian bank account, and opening up new one in Hong Kong.

The Italian bank account was opened up with Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena on or around September 21st. Twenty-four hours or so later and it was gone.

Now it appears the OneCoin’s Hong Kong bank account has also been closed.

OneCoin had opened up their Hong Kong bank account with China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited, under the shell company “Foshan Everbright Import & Export Company Limited”.

Ari Widell reports that upon learning of OneCoin’s Hong Kong bank account, he contacted the bank with money laundering concerns.

The bank responded swiftly and suggested that I’d better contact the Hong Kong police. I took the advise and forwarded the information to the police.

Earlier this week Hong Kong police got in contact with Widell and he provided them with further information.

I was asked by the police to provide more information and asked if I were a victim of this crime.

Well, I’m not a victim but I provided an info pack about the case and also informed about the ongoing police investigations in Sweden and in the U.K.

In the last twenty-four hours OneCoin have removed the China Construction Bank account from the affiliate backoffice, suggesting either the bank or Hong Kong police shut the account down. The account lasted just two weeks.

OneCoin’s longstanding accounts with United Overseas Bank (Singapore) and Bank of Africa (Tanzania) remain open.

Neither bank appears to be concerned with potential liability for turning a blind eye to money laundering and Ponzi fraud.