onecoin-logoFollowing an investigation by the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Counter Terrorism Unit, two OneCoin investors have been arrested in Bangladesh.

For those unfamiliar with the country, Bangladesh is a country of 171 million people in South Asia. It is bordered by India and Myanmar.

Officers of the DMP’s Counter Terrorism Unit, Cyber Security and Cyber Crime Intelligence agencies had been monitoring what they refer to as an “MLM fraud gang” for some time.

On Wednesday June 15th at approximately 10pm, DMP officers arrested Nazrul Islam Mamun and Zahirul Islam Zahir.

The suspects stand accused of promoting the OneCoinIlgamos and ImpaxGold Ponzi schemes.

DMP officers allege Mamun and Zahir, through promotion of OneCoin, Ilgamos and ImpaxGold, received “large sums of money” from the general public through deception.

Interrogation of the suspects revealed they accepted money from victims in exchange for IDs, which victims were told to “collect later”.

In schemes like OneCoin, Ilgamos and ImpaxGold,

some initial members benefit, but at the bottom (of the scheme there are) a huge amount of financial losses.

Mamun and Zahir purportedly recruited their victims through hotel presentations. DMP officers claim hotel presentations are ‘renowned for providing the general public with false information about businesses‘.

DMP officers are claiming that ‘necessary measures are being taken to stop these sites‘. A case has been filed with Ramna Police Station for further investigation.