EURid has taken action against a few of OneCoin’s more prominent website domains.

Affected domains include Onecoin, OneLife, OneAcademy and OneEcosystem.

As of November 17th, “”, “”, “” and “” all return an “ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED” error.

This is a DNS error, the result of EURid disabling the domain DNS while they investigate.

Unfortunately we don’t know what EURid are investigating or for how long.

Since November 17th, the OneEcosystem domain has been released. The OneCoin, OneLife and OneAcademy domains remain on “server hold”.

This is EURid’s explanation for server hold:

Server Hold

This domain name is registered to the domain name holder as shown in WHOIS, but is temporarily inactive (i.e. website and email do not function) and under investigation.

In an attempt to cover up the investigation, OneCoin Captain Cordel “King” Jayms announced the websites were down due to “urgent maintenance”.

As per EURid’s quoted “server hold” explanation above, this is clearly not the case.

Jayms redirected affiliates to an alternative domain they’ve hooked up to OneCoin’s web backend.


Update 20th November 2021 – The OneCoin Ecosystem domain has been released and the corresponding website is back online.