The FBI are feeling confident about Frank Schneider’s arrest.

Two days ago two FBI agents arrived in the French city of Nancy. The reason for the visit was to ‘thank French investigators SRPJ and the BRI after the arrest in April 2021 in Meurthe-et-Moselle of‘ Frank Schneider.

The SRPJ are France’s Regional Administration of Judicial Police. BRI is the Research and Intervention Brigade, a division of the French National Police.

One of the visiting FBI agents was from the US. The other was from the US French embassy in Paris.

To mark the occasion, a ceremony was held at which “French and American police officers received medals and gifts”.

Speaking at the ceremony, Chief Maurice Albert stated;

This is the first time that we have worked with the American authorities and in particular a flagship federal agency such as the FBI.

Cooperation with the United States is going very well, especially when it comes to cases of terrorism or organized crime.

As per a report from France Bleu, the US has ‘until June 28 to transmit its extradition request’ for Schneider.

In addition to the meeting with the French counterparts, presumably this is what the FBI agents are in Nancy to finish up.


Update 20th November 2021 – Frank Schneider’s extradition to the US will now be decided on January 19th.

In the meantime French authorities have released Schneider to monitored home detention.