Following a failed bid to blame the DOJ for production of evidence so close to trial, Mark Scott’s OneCoin trial has been postponed till November.

Yesterday we covered the DOJ’s frustration over what they perceived to be Mark Scott’s ongoing obstructionist tactics.

In response to the DOJ’s claims and request for a trial adjournment, Scott’s defense team claimed

Mr. Scott has not held up the taint team’s review of these documents or their release to the prosecution team in any way.

Considering the evidence at issue would otherwise have been released to the prosecution on or around February, and the only reason they weren’t was because Scott demanded his attorneys review the documents first, which ultimately lead to ongoing delays, Scott’s defense team’s claims seem disingenuous at best.

In any event following an August 30th hearing, Scott’s objections were overruled and the DOJ was granted the requested adjournment.

Pending any further complications, Mark Scott’s trial is now scheduled for November 4th.