In an endorsed memo filed on March 18th, convicted OneCoin money launderer Mark Scott has requested his sentencing be delayed indefinitely.

Scott’s cited reason for requesting an indefinite delay is ongoing “medical tests and procedures”.

Mr. Scott is undergoing a series of medical tests and procedures.

Mr. Scott requests that the Court adjourn sentencing sine die.

Sine die is defined as “without any future date being designated”.

Scott was found guilty of assisting OneCoin launder hundreds of millions back in November 2019.

He was originally scheduled to be sentenced on February 21st, 2020.

Shortly after being convicted, Scott’s need for medical tests and treatments for undisclosed medical issues surfaced.

Add COVID-19, delays with post-trial motions and conflicting scheduling, and here we are 398 days later.

Scott was released in March 2020 to 24/7 home incarceration with monitoring. A new sentencing date, which will almost certainly be delayed again because reasons, has been set for June 7th.

This will mark 472 days since Scott’s originally scheduled sentencing hearing.

Scott is not alone in benefiting from ongoing judicial delays. OneCoin defendants have both had their sentencing hearings repeatedly pushed back too.

Then there’s Sebastian Greenwood, whose indictment was made public in April 2020.

Since then details of the case has been bogged down with ongoing discovery issues.

With the assistance of readers, BeihndMLM maintains a list of OneCoin criminal indictment scheduling dates.