OneCoin money launderer Mark Scott is alleging Konstantin Ignatov’s perjury is “far more extensive” than he admitted.

As a result, Scott wants to delay proceedings related to his new trial motion.

At the center of Scott’s retrial motion is Konstantin Ignatov lying about throwing away a laptop.

Now, through his attorney, Scott alleges he’s

received credible information that Konstantin’s perjury was far more extensive than he has admitted, and included false testimony that Irina Dilkinska attended a three-way meeting with Ruja Ignatova and Mark Scott on July 20, 2016 at OneCoin offices in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The DOJ exhibited this meeting as evidence “Scott was an insider who participated in (OneCoin) criminal conspiracies”.

As of yet the DOJ hasn’t shown any indication it is aware of deeper perjury by Ignatov.

Scott (right) was convicted of money laundering for OneCoin in late 2019. Originally scheduled to be sentenced in February 2020, Scott has been delaying proceedings on medical grounds.

He’s now latched onto Kostantin’s perjury, evidently hoping for leverage to further delay proceedings.

In his letter motion Scott requests an extension till October 15th to reply to the DOJ’s response to his retrial motion.

The DOJ hasn’t opposed the request.

Whether there’s any merit to Scott’s claims Konstantin further perjured himself remains to be seen. Ditto any impact with respect to Scott getting a new trial.


Update 19th September 2023 – Mark Scott’s motion for a retrial has been denied.