onecoin-logoEarlier today BehindMLM reported on a criminal complaint filed in Belgium, related to the promotion of OneCoin.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has charged former politician Laurent Louis with pyramid selling, fraud, money laundering and violation of common and banking laws.

As of yet the criminal complaint is in the early stages. La Libre however report that the judge who heard the case yesterday, prohibited the complainant from participating in ‘any activity related to virtual currency and network marketing‘.

laurent-louis-onecoin-onelife-event-charleroi-belgiumLouis had been scheduled to appear at a OneCoin event to be held on November 26th.

In promotional material for the event, Louis is credited as a OneLife “Emerald”.

Other OneCoin affiliates advertised to attend include Stamatoullas Vasilios (Ruby), De waele Alian (Ruby) and Konstantinos Bakalis (Diamond).

Despite a criminal complaint filed against him, Laurent Louis attended the scheduled event and took to the stage.

Louis claims he’s an “honest man” and that the charges against him are slanderous.

I can assure you that never in my life I didn’t scam anyone.

People, I’m trying to help them for years, no scamming them. That’s what I’m doing with onelife and network marketing.

Today nobody can complain of having lost anything by buying packs at onecoin. Anyone!

I’m so stunned and amazed. I feel like I’m living in a bad dream.

In a Facebook post published a few hours ago, Louis can be seen holding up a copy of DH newspaper, who were first to cover the criminal charges filed against him.


Mic in hand infront of about forty OneCoin affiliates (each charged 30 EUR to attend), Louis rants at the camera in French for just over half a minute.

Recent Facebook posts by Louis express Donald Trump style vitriol toward Belgium’s press. Which is somewhat strange, considering the charges against him will play out in court.

By all means though, if Laurent Louis can prove he didn’t scam thousands of Belgians out of millions of dollars (and profit handsomely in the process), then the evidence has to be presented in court.

Continuing to scam people through a global Ponzi scheme and flaunting it on social media despite there being a criminal complaint against you?

Yeah, Louis doesn’t strike me as someone who’s all that intelligent. This probably isn’t going to end well for him.