A report from Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior alleges ties between OneCoin, Ruja Ignatova and “terrorist groups”.

The leaked 2015 report, put together by the MOI’s Criminal Investigation General Department and marked “extremely confidential”, identifies Ignatova as

originally Russian, born in 1980 and holding several passports from several European countries.

The report goes on to detail Ignatova’s recent movements and activity in the UAE.

(Ignatova) entered the United Arab Emirates some time ago using the diplomatic passport through Dubai International Airport by a private plane and in possession of a large sum of money.

Ignatova obtained diplomatic documents through iCAFE, a New York non-profit run by Sheikh Saoud bin Sultan Al Qassimi.

(Ignatova) purchased a license for a bank in the UAE with an amount of approximately 16 million US dollars, to be used in the issuance of bonds and banking transactions and to facilitate the movement of funds in her possession.

We confirm that the information currently available to us through confidential sources indicates that the aforementioned may be an element in an international organization for money laundering of terrorist groups.

Specific countries Kuwaiti authorities link Ruja Ignatova’s banking transactions to include terrorist organizations in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen.

Kuwaiti authorities claimed to be in possession of several checks issued by Ignatova to undisclosed recipients.

Citing issues with “control and oversight by Emirati authorities regarding the movement of funds”, the CIGD claimed Ignatova

decided to start trying to transfer her illegal activity to the State of Kuwait and open companies and accounts that enable her to remit funds and transfer them back to other destinations.

We believe that these illegal operations are being run by a country with strong and active intelligence activities in support of terrorist groups.

The report was hand-delivered by the CIGD to the Chief of Dubai Police by two Kuwaiti lieutenant colonels.

There is talk of “coordination” between Kuwait and the UAE “in this regard”, however nothing seems to have come of it.

Whether Ruja Ignatova’s ties to Sheikh Saoud, part of a ruling family who run the United Arab Bank, was behind authorities in the UAE doing nothing is unclear.

Thus far Sheikh Saoud and ICAFE have faced no consequences for aiding and abetting Ignatova and OneCoin.

The leaked Kuwaiti report has been made available by attorney John Levy.

Levy is currently engaged in litigation against OneCoin through the British Indian Ocean Territory Supreme Court.

Writes Levi in a May 17th update;

As to the Cryptoqueen’s whereabouts Dr. Levy explains: “She is under possible protection of a state sponsor of terror and also has been found not to have committed any crime in Dubai despite volumes of evidence of money laundering. Ignatova is almost certainly in the UAE possibly in one of the emirates controlled by the Al Qassimi royal family.

Based on Ignatova’s ties to the Al Qassimi family, I’m inclined to agree but I haven’t ruled out Russia yet.