According to a letter to the Judge filed by Konstantin Ignatov’s attorney, a detention hearing was scheduled for June 25th.

Ignatov’s attorney has requested an adjournment, allowing for time to review “the government’s submission with the defendant”.

At this time we don’t know what the contents of the DOJ submission to Ignatov are, or how they were submitted (under seal or directly).

Last week Ignatov’s attorney requested pre-trial release. Had the DOJ not have had any objections they would have consented to the request.

One can likely surmise that their submission to Ignatov thus contains a compromise or amendments to Ignatov’s original request.

Given the overall secrecy of the case (there’s no indication on the case docket regarding tomorrow’s hearing for example), I’m not sure how much information we’ll get from the yet to be scheduled Friday hearing.

Unless there’s a court minute entry being withheld from the public docket, as I write this tomorrow’s hearing is still scheduled.

Given the DOJ has given consent to the adjournment request, I don’t see any reason for the court to refuse Ignatov’s attorney’s request.

Stay tuned for updates as we receive them.


Update 27th June 2019 – As per a late in the day June 25th order, Ignatov’s detention hearing has been rescheduled for June 28th.