As per an agreement reached between the DOJ and Bank of Ireland, several employees will no longer testify at Mark Scott’s OneCoin trial.

Details of the agreement haven’t been made public. All the DOJ has revealed is that in light of the agreement, BOI employee testimony is no longer required.

From a procedural standpoint this makes the DOJ’s CCTV motion moot. It hasn’t been designated as such by the court yet but is expected to be early this coming week.

In related news Mark Scott has filed his proposed jury voir dire questions. These are questions presented to potential jurors during the selection process.

Scotts’ legal team has submitted twenty-seven questions, of which there are several of note;

  • Q11 Please list any newspapers, magazines, TV or radio shows, or Internet or social media websites that you read, watch, or listen to on a regular basis
  • Q14 Are you familiar with the term “cryptocurrency? (If yes, please explain what you know about cryptocurrency in a few lines…)
  • Q15 Do you have any views, positive or negative, about cryptocurrency (If yes, please explain your views…)
  • Q16 Have you ever invested in a cryptocurrency?
  • Q17 Are you familiar with a cryptocurrency called OneCoin?
  • Q18 Are you familiar with the Panama Papers?
  • Q20 Are you familiar with multilevel marketing?
  • Q21 Do you have any feelings, positive or negative, towards multilevel marketing?
  • Q24 Have you or someone close to you ever lost money on an investment where you thought the loss was caused by someone else’s wrongdoing, fraud or dishonesty?
  • Q26 Have you ever been cheated or treated unfairly by a bank or other financial institution?
  • Q27 Have you ever been tricked or deceived by a lawyer?

To be a fly in the room if a potential juror answered Q11 with “BehindMLM”…