OmegaPro executive Juan Carlos Reynoso has been arrested in Mexico.

Mexican authorities detained Reynoso, a Peruvian national, as part of a wider investigation into cartel-linked Black Wall Street Capital.

Black Wall Street Capital operates from Anzures in Mexico City. There, Reynoso and four accomplices were arrested on March 15th.

Reynoso, Hernan Samper Richar, Juan Carlos Minero Alonso, Jose Antonio Rodriguez Garcia and Jose Luis stand accused of money laundering and drug trafficking.

In simultaneous raids, Mexican authorities also seized ~$170,000, packages of cocaine and “long-range weapons”.

On its website, Black Wall Street Capital represents it provides forex related financial services.

BWC is an independent investment advisor, regulated by the Mexican authorities, which with a global discretionary asset management strategy, seeks to generate the highest return with the lowest possible risk within the international financial markets.

Mexican authorities claim Black Wall Street Capital is tied to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, headed up by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes (aka “El Mencho”).

Outside of working with Mexican cartels, Juan Carlos Reynoso has promoted and helped run multiple MLM crypto Ponzi schemes.

Reynoso typically targets his fraudulent efforts at Spanish-speaking Latin American victims.

Circa 2018, Reynoso headed up the iComTech Ponzi scheme as CEO.

In November 2022, US authorities arrested iComTech founder David Carmona and several top promoters.

At the time BehindMLM noted it was odd that Reynoso had avoided arrest.

After iComTech collapsed, Reynoso joined OmegaPro as General Manager for Latin America.

OmegaPro launched in late 2018 and by 2022, claimed to have 1.8 million investors.

OmegaPro collapsed in November 2022, prompting co-founders Andreas Szakacs, Mike Sims and Dilawar Singh to go underground.

Szakacs (Sweden) and Singh (Germany) are believed to be hiding out in Dubai.

Sims is from the US and resides in Florida. He was recently sued by the CFTC for fraud, in addition to The Traders Domain’s Ted Safranko.

Although not confirmed, it is believed there is a financial link between The Traders Domain’s and OmegaPro’s late 2022 collapses.

Reynoso’s arrest in Mexico and Black Wall Street Capital introduce yet another potential money laundering avenue for OmegaPro.

Whether there are any ties between OmegaPro and Mexico’s cartels however remains unclear.

After OmegaPro collapsed, executives A.K. Khalil (US) and Nader Poordeljoo (Netherlands) launched Go Global.

Reynoso opted to continue to defraud consumers, signing on as Go Global’s Chief Sales Officer.

Whereas SimilarWeb tracked millions of monthly visits to OmegaPro’s website throughout 2022, there were less than 300,000 visits to Go Global’s website in February 2023.

Whether Reynoso’s arrest will impact Go Global’s business operations remains to be seen.

Getting back to Reynoso’s arrest and looking forward;

The unit headed by prosecutor Ernestina Godoy announced that both the firearms, the alleged narcotics and the insured dollars as well as the five detainees were made available to the ministerial authority of the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (FGJ CDMX).

Stay tuned for any further updates.


Update 3rd June 2023 – Due to corruption within Mexico City Police, Reynoso was ordered released on May 1st.