BehindMLM first reported on bizarre marketing claims out of the TranzactCard camp back in July.

We noted TranzactCard affiliates were running around claiming the MLM opportunity was “backed by Obama, Trump (and) LeBron James”.

What we couldn’t establish was the source of these bizarre claims.

Now, in footage uploaded to YouTube, TranzardCard owner Richard Smith has personally vouched for the claims.

TranzactCard’s marketing claims with respect to Donald Trump and Barack Obama are truly bizarre.

Back in April Patrick Laing, host of Certainty Management, interviewed Smith.

At [31:35] into the interview, the topic of white labeling TranzactCard’s VISA cards comes up.

Liang: One question we were asked is if the card can be white labelled, or the DBOs. And that’s one of the things that actually appealed to us, is the way you’re bringing on influencers that are branding their own VISA card.

Two of the biggest are the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention. You took it to Trump and then he took it to Obama from what I’ve heard.

Smith: That’s exactly right.

Liang: This was really smart because, whether you like Trump or Obama it doesn’t matter but, he said, “If we don’t both support this then one of us is going to kill it.”

I don’t know if this has come up in TranzactCard’s own marketing material. But to the best of my knowledge this is otherwise the source of TranzactCard’s Trump/Obama endorsement claims.

Keeping in mind this interview is from four months ago, to date neither the RNC or the DNC have publicly endorsed or shown any interest in TranzactCard.

That’s not the bizarre part though. If Smith is to be believed, he spoke to Trump about TranzactCard… and Trump then personally pitched Obama on the opportunity.

On what planet did that happen?

To date neither Trump or Obama have publicly endorsed or even mentioned TranzactCard.

Unfortunately Smith doesn’t elaborate but he does get into LeBron James.

[33:16] Lebron James was a fascinating one and I’m the one who took the call so I’ll tell you that story.

It was about eighteen/nineteen months ago I talked to LeBron James … and basically he told me the story about what he did with Twitter.

He calls his followers on Twitter his “peeps”. So at the time he had twenty-five million peeps … he tweeted out a two-for-one Domino’s Pizza (deal), and sold over $13 million dollars worth of pizza. With that one tweet.

They gave him a million bucks and they made thirteen plus million dollars. And it was a very successful Twitter campaign.

Once he fully understood and grasped what we were doing with the Tranzact ecosystem, and the fact that he could have his face on that card … he came in and said, “Alright, I want to call mine the “Championship Card” and I want to tweet it out.”

Smith went on to claim James wanted to move his “merch” into TranzactCard’s Z-Club platform.

[35:20] He’s got his swag and he’s going to discontinue it with all the retail establishments and the wholesale distributors that he’s been dealing with, and move it into our Z-Club.

Smith claims James stated TranzactCard was “the most incredible thing in the world”.

Noting that this conversation purportedly took place eighteen to nineteen months ago, you’re probably wondering why James has no public association with TranzactCard.

And as I write this, James’ merchandise sales are still sold through retailers and wholesale distribution channels.

Smith went on to address this question;

[35:55] Well that was, like I said, nineteen months ago. And just a couple of weeks ago I got a call from (James’) executive secretary saying, “Where are we with this thing?”

I said, “You need to go talk to your people. Because your agents and your attorneys keep slowing down the deal.”

Anyway she’s gonna get on it, we’ll see what happens.

Since the April interview there doesn’t appear to be any updates. Well, other than TranzactCard affiliates running around claiming LeBron James has endorsed the company.

Regardless of whether these conversations actually happened (I can see Smith pitching to someone from James’ camp, Trump/Obama working together seems beyond far-fetched), I have to point out that legitimacy via association isn’t a thing.

I also can’t help but notice parallels between TranzactCard’s marketing the and the opportunity itself.

There’s a whole bunch of promises and representations, but not a whole lot to actually show for it.

Despite losing its US banking services earlier this month, TranzactCard remains scheduled to launch on November 12th.


Update 27th September 2023 – Within a week of this article being published, the cited Certainty Management video was deleted off YouTube.

The video had been publicly accessible since it was published in April 2023.

This article originally contained a link to the video. As a result of Patrick Laing deleting the video, I’ve now disabled the link.