A promoter is claiming TranzactCard is “backed by Obama, Trump (and) LeBron James”.

The bizarre claim was made last month on AI Change Crusader, a website owned by Adriane Mayes.

Specifically, Mayes claims;

Even more interesting is the fact that Tranzact has partnerships with major influencers like Lebron James, Garth Brooks, and the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

For example, Lebron James was excited to jump on board to use this for his merchandise sales.

These partnerships help bring credibility to the Tranzact ecosystem and, as a DBO, you can benefit from them as well.

Donald Trump, with the Republican Convention, and Barack Obama, with the Democratic Convention, agreeing on the merits of this card, suggests that the TranzactCard is viewed as a beneficial tool for the American public.

BehindMLM was unable to find any evidence verifying Mayes’ claims. Needless to say we’re calling bullshit.

Whether TranzactCard endorses Mayes’ seemingly false marketing claims is unclear.

Clicking any of the TranzactCard links on AI Change Crusader redirects to Mayes’ TranzactCard landing page:

Mayes appears to have a finance background, before getting involved in affiliate marketing in or around August 2022.

As per her LinkedIn profile, in December 2022 Mayes reinvented herself as an AI SEO and digital marketing expert:

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TranzactCard is a continuation of Robert Smith’s failed R Network MLM opportunity.

As disclosed by the company itself, TranzactCard is currently “a mess”. Smith has vowed to deliver on his TranzactCard marketing promises by November 12th.


Update 20th September 2023 – Richard Smith is now confirmed to be the source of TranzactCard’s bizarre marketing claims.