Scammers behind Cancri Jewelry are trying to reboot the collapsed Ponzi scheme.

Cancri Jewelry is an eastern European Ponzi scheme. The original Ponzi ruse was a jewelry storefront in Turkey.

Under the guise of purchasing jewelry, Cancri Jewelry affiliates invested euros on the promise of weekly returns.

Cancri Jewelry collapsed in late 2022, just before Christmas.

The reboot was announced on January 23rd and pitches a 5% weekly ROI.

The primary difference this time around is Cancri Jewelry has switched to cryptocurrency. The Ponzi scheme now solicits investment in bitcoin, litecoin and tether.

Victims of the original Cancri Jewelry Ponzi scheme are being told if they make a new investment, they’ll “immediately” be able to withdraw 25% of their previous losses.

The translation from Russian might be mangled but apparently they’ll also be able to withdraw previously invested funds at 0.2% of the balance daily.

Cancri Jewelry’s official FaceBook page is managed from Ukraine.

SimilarWeb currently ranks top sources of traffic to Cancri Jewelry’s website as Russia (22%), Hungary (16%), France (13%) and Ukraine (13%).

The Bank of Russia issued a Cancri Jewelry financial pyramid warning in November 2021.