Following on from our article last week regarding a Dennis Windsor v. Neora settlement, on May 23rd the parties advised the court a partial settlement has been reached.

Nerium International co-founder Dennis Windsor (right) sued the company back in 2016.

In his original lawsuit, Windsor sought $22 million over his termination as President of Nerium (now Neora).

On May 20 a joint motion was filed requesting a further extension of time, pertaining to an already extended pretrial materials filing deadline.

The Parties are in active settlement negotiations to resolve the claims currently set for trial and believe that a settlement of the remaining claims will be reached.

This was followed up by another joint motion on May 21st, advising the court that a partial settlement had been reached.

The Parties are pleased to inform the Court that they have reached a partial settlement of this case that eliminates the need for a jury trial.

According to the filing, settlement has been reached on Neora’s Defend Trade Secrets Act, the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act, breaches of fiduciary duty and duty of loyalty and conversion counterclaims.

A number of motions in the case remain pending. As I understand it however none of these issues require a jury trial.

Seeing as Windsor came out bat swinging for $22 million, it’d be interesting to find out what exactly he wound up getting.

Not sure that’ll be made public though. Unfortunately settlements within the MLM industry are typically confidential.