Last we checked in My 24 Hour Income was up to its fourth collapse.

That was just over a month ago, with Burton finally deciding to pull the plug entirely last week.

At the time of publication the My 24 Hour Income website is returning a security error because of an invalid SSL certificate.

For those unfamiliar with the company, My 24 Hour Income was your typical adcredit Ponzi scheme. The scam first collapsed in late December, with the last three months seeing affiliates lead on with all sorts of promises by admin Drew Burton.

Despite buying himself a new house in Ontario (and who knows what else) during the time he ran My 24 Hour Income, Burton claims the collapse has seen him “struggle everyday”.

Rather than acknowledge My 24 Hour Income was a simple Ponzi scheme that ran the typical course of spiraling out of control, Burton (right) blames the collapse on “the hack”.

The system came to a point where it was point less to move forward with the name My24 or me as an admin the company and my name online was not converting or selling anymore… because of all the ups and downs and changes made…

I think the big point here is what was done next is something most wouldn’t and don’t do, I set aside my pride as an admin and 8 months of building something in my name to moved my entire member base to a site that is working 100% better then [sic] my24… TAL.

“TAL” stands for The Ads Leader and is… yep, you guessed it, another adcredit Ponzi.

Burton claims affiliates who lost money in My 24 Hour Income (most of them) can make it back in The Ads Leader because ‘TAL has seen great susses [sic] for the past 5-6 months‘.

Perusal of The Ads Leader website reveals membership fees of up to $70 a month, with ROIs of up to 160% offered on $5 to $50 investments.

Who owns The Ads Leader is not disclosed on the company website. Nor does Burton disclose how much he was paid to import the entire My 24 Hour Income affiliate base under his The Ads Leader affiliate position.

Instead, Burton defends his continued Ponzi scamming by claiming if he really wanted to scam people, he

would have taken all funds after the hack and closed down everything. hide for 6 months then rebuild a new Social media appearance. in a different niche market. seeing that’s what all the big scammers I know of do…

There is of course also the possibility that Burton himself is running The Ads Leader.

Total investor losses in My 24 Hour Income are unknown. Pending regulatory action from Canadian authorities, it appears Burton intends to continue scamming his following for all they’re worth.