Along with the usual hackers and DDOS excuses, Know Your Customer is fast becoming a popular reason for Ponzi admins to stop paying out.

Know Your Customer, or KYC for short, is very much a real thing. It’s primarily used by companies to verify their clients.

In the MLM underbelly, typically after invested funds have been exhausted, it’s deployed to restrict payouts to affiliate investors.

My 24 Hour Income launched in mid 2016 and offers investors an advertised 130% ROI. The scheme is run by Drew Burton, who is based out of Canada.

By late November My 24 Hour Income had collapsed. Burton (right) claimed hackers had made off with over seven hundred thousand dollars.

The site reopened in December, only to collapse again just before Christmas. This time Burton blamed DDOS attacks and invested funds withheld by payment processors.

My 24 Hour Income eventually reopened in January, with affiliates required to reinvest 90% of any withdrawal requests they made.

That lasted a few weeks before My 24 Hour Income collapsed again.

This time around it was something to do with bitcoin processor problems. Despite a bitcoin transaction taking on average about ten minutes, My 24 Hour Income admin Drew Burton was telling affiliates it was taking days.

As the days of downtime turned into weeks KYC was announced, the implementation of which was now blamed for delays.

Burton meanwhile bought himself a new house.

After a “test group” of selected affiliates were given pre-access to KYC and permitted to withdraw funds, My 24 Hour Income was opened up again to the rest of the affiliate-base.

That lasted a few days, with Burton pulling the plug on affiliate withdrawals for at least another month.

In a Facebook post published a few hours ago, Burton claims that 90% of My 24 Hour Income affiliates have yet to be KYC verified.

The only way we can verify all accounts and everyone be treated equally with withdrawling out of the system.

For everyone to start the withdrawal process on the same day and time.

What I’ve decided to do is make all my24 accounts dormant tell the verification process is over.

then when the verification process is over my24 will open to the entire member base for withdrawals.

I Believe that if we only verify the active members this process will take no longer than 4 to 6 weeks.

So there you have it. My 24 Hour Income affiliate withdrawals have been suspended for at least a month.

With selected My 24 Hour Income affiliates permitted to withdraw and Burton himself using invested funds to purchase property and who knows what else, news of the latest collapse hasn’t gone over well with the rest of the affiliate-base.

since I started with my24 I didn’t get back even 1$, even i invested.

My first 10 $ withdrawal 😄 lost in “our of space” than site were frozen, than new changes than new system, than transfer balances and etc.

So in fact up till now just bla bla blah…no money , no trust…

Same shit different day. Put the site into maintenance for 3 months.

Unbelievable is all I have to say right now. We can ot [sic] even go a week without a change whuch is unnecessary.

My referral just added more than $100 to his account right now.

This is ridiculous. You should have given ample time to advise everyone that withdrawals and purchases would be turned off before you decide to implement this.

Where is the principle you are saying that this is OUR business when you just decide and do things on a snap of your finger. Very disappointing.


not enough money in reserve I think it’s just excuse again shit.

Its the first time that I lose my trust in you, Drew Steal the money and close this site, we get tired.

Most of your opinions are mistaken.

I hung on from the very beginning in august but I can’t deal with how badly this website is being run by Drew Burton.

He may or may not be a scammer but he sure doesn’t know how to run a business. If he is a scammer, he’s a damn good one.

I bought it hook line and sinker for several months. I am officially done.

Drew , you want to kill negativity ha? Look now !

I hope you are pleased now, fuck yourself man, you are a selfish man.

I hate this .. You change everyday everything.. Is this kids play or business??

How can you do this.?? How you can close the withdraw?? It is a kind of nightmare..

This is beyond a joke. Many people have been patient with the system and its problems. Myself included. This is just bad news.

(give) back our money and close your fucker site.

I am so freaking pissed off right now, I just hope that what happens to us will happen to all of you admins too, even wosr

I have never been upset with any decision till now, NO WAY DREW …… this is the beginning of the end now !!!!!!!!!!! Amen My24HourIncome !!!!!!!!!!!

You are the silliest scammer met him in my life.

I have been following Drew for 2 years now since he’s been promoting MAP.

He is a good marketer but I’ve come to notice he makes VERY POOR CHOICES and mostly choices that will profit him and no one else.

You should be ashamed of yourself Drew for playing with peoples money like this.

We got fucked without soap.

Where are the admins… yall claim to not want negativity… TURN the damn comments off. This is bad.

Drew, you can not do this! Do not make every day or week new discisions. That never make the business stable.

How can I believe you if the system or a part of it is closing and changes weekly because you make an other discusion!

Are u kidding us? I just sent money there. I think you will buy new sofa to your new house?

I think you are the most bad leader who i saw. But you are great leader for yor walleet.

This is really Bad its going all over Facebook I’m getting it from people who are not even in MY24.

Drew Burton you are a narcissist and you have psychological issues go and see a doctor!

Another reason … Another delay … Make your damn decision once and for all, we are not your damn toys to fool around with!

This is once again, clearly a stall tactic…. It is shear lunacy to believe that my 24 will ever run smoothly.

I have been with Drew Burton since the days of Fort Ad Pays. I think there comes a time where we have to use common sense.

I dont think he has been totally upfront with the members of my24. I think finances are a major issue.

stop changing things everyday mate. it makes everything unstable. you are losing trust and all it is showing is bad management.

Bear in mind that other than Burton and his selected affiliates, for the most part nobody has been able to withdraw from My 24 Hour Income since last November.

In response to the expected criticism, Burton is pushing ahead with plans to cut off people he’s stolen money from.

Verified members only Facebook group will be opening shortly.

For this group the link will appear on your profile page once your account is verified.

If members are found sharing this link your account will be suspended.

Stay tuned…