The Mind Money Body 60 website domain (“”) was registered on the 3rd of March 2013 and lists a “Matthew Spurlock” as the owner.

A mailing address is provided in the US state of Alabama. No corporate address is provided on the Mind Money Body 60 (MMB60) website, with the company requesting visitors only contact them by “phone or E-Mail”.

Despite Matthew Spurlock being listed as the owner of MMB60 website domain, Jason Spurlock is credited as the “owner and founder” of the company on its website.


The email address provided with Matthew Spurlock’s name on the MMB60 domain registration has been used in the past by Jason Spurlock (photo right), so I’m not too sure what’s going on there.

In any case, Jason Spurlock’s past MLM ventures include the founding of Network Marketing VT back in January 2011. Jason Spurlock was credited as the CEO of Network Marketing VT, with Matthew Spurlock’s name again appearing on the company’s domain registration.

Network Marketing VT was a recruitment driven income opportunity, with affiliates selling $98 memberships to the company itself. 100% commissions were paid out, with each affiliate having to pass up their first three membership sales to the affiliate that recruited them.

After just over two years of operation Network Marketing VT crashed in January 2013, with the company failing to pay its affiliates from around September 2012.

In late January Spurlock officially pulled the plug on Network Marketing VT, blaming affiliates for spreading ‘negative emotions in the social networking space based on wrongful assumptions that they were never paid fairly‘.

Now, three months later, Spurlock is back with MMB60.

Read on for a full review of the MMB60 MLM business opportunity.

The MMB60 Product Line

MMB60 has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market membership to the company itself.

Bundled with MMB60 affiliate membership is access to

a ” Performance Coaching Wake Up Call”, organic recipes, workout routines, lead generation & marketing webinars, expert marketer interviews, our live Fast Start Training, Daily Method of Operation worksheets, a complete PLR marketing library, and so much more.

A “Core MasterMind” and “Transformation Live Event” are mentioned in the company’s compensation plan material, however I was unable to find any further information on costs or specifics.

The MMB60 Compensation Plan

MMB60 claim their compensation plan is ‘designed for earning a six-figure income very quickly, even if you have zero experience‘ and revolves around the recruitment of new MMB60 affiliates.

MMB60 run what they call a “reverse 3-up” compensation plan. Affiliates sell $98 memberships to MMB60, passing up their 2nd, 4th and 6th membership sale commission ($98) to their sponsor.

In turn, recruited affiliates must also pass up their 2nd, 4th and 6th membership sales to the affiliate that recruited them.

MMB60 affiliates keep 100% of the membership fees paid on the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and ever membership sale made thereafter.

Presumably the Core MasterMind and Transformation Live Events will add an additional two tiers of commissions, using the same reverse 3-up compensation structure as the basic affiliate membership.

Joining MMB60

Affiliate membership to MMB60 is $98 a month.

The MMB60 compensation plan material also mentions “a small administrative and hosting fee”, however no further information or specifics are provided.


In order to analyse MMB60 it’s important to understand why Network Marketing VT crashed. Quite simply, those in opportunity ran out of new affiliates to recruit.

When the company stopped paying, affiliates complained publicly only hampering said recruitment efforts, with Spurlock deciding to pull the plug.

MMB60 follows a similar recruitment driven business model, spacing out the required pass up sales as opposed to making them the first three.

The problem?

Once again the business model is recruitment dependant and sooner or later those new recruits are going to dry up.

When that happens those at the bottom stop paying their $98 a month affiliate fees, meaning those above them stop getting payments. They too then stop paying their fees and before you know it we’ve got Spurlock publishing another announcement on Facebook blaming his affiliates.

In addition to the pyramid scheme like nature of the company, there’s also the issue of 100% commissions on company membership. MMB60 quite clearly state in their refund policy that

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS AND THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES All product purchases and memberships are non-refundable. All sales are final.

We never handle any money from any product or membership purchases. 100% of all product transactions are paid instantly and directly to the referring affiliate (the ‘sponsor’) the moment the sale is made.

The company never even touches your money because of our exclusive member-to-member payment system.

No refunds is a red flag in itself, but far more concerning is the issue that mechanically MMB60 simply shuffles new affiliate money to existing affiliates. Nothing is being bought or sold as affiliates pay money to eachother directly (otherwise known as cash gifting).

With no money being paid to MMB60, the company cannot claim to actually sell anything, which when coupled with no retail offering pretty much spells out what MMB60 effectively is all about.

Network Marketing VT lasted just under two years. With the bad taste it evidently left in its affiliate’s mouths I suspect Spurlock’s attempt to reboot the business will last even half as long as that.