The FTC has warned ten MLM companies over false COVID-19 marketing claims.

Claims made by the companies and their distributors specifically pertain to preventing and treatment of COVID-19.

Warning letters were sent out by the FTC to the following MLM companies on April 24th:

The FTC notes letters sent out to the above companies mark

the first to also include warnings related to claims about potential earnings related to the economic fallout from the pandemic.

This is a polite way of saying some of the above MLM companies and their distributors shamelessly sought to profit during the pandemic. And they did so by making completely unfounded and baseless medical claims.

doTerra distributors falsely claimed in order to “beat corona virus”, all the public had to do

take more of an alkaline foods that are above the above pH level of the Virus. Some of which are: Lemon… Lime… Tangerine… Orange… #covid… #doterra #doterraph #doterraphillapines

doTerra distributors also targeted recently laid off employees with promises of “financial independence”.

Pruvit distributors falsely represented the company’s products boosted the immune system, thus reducing the risk of contracting COVID-19.

With all the concerns over the COVID-9 Coronavirus Instead of stockpiling toilet paper, you need to do something to help you fight the virus! Boost your immune system with our Immunity Boost Pack!

Pruvit distributors also targeted “people that are out of work” with promises of “earn(ing) $1730 literally in their first 10 days in the business”.

Total Life Changes distributors represented the company’s products assisted consumers with “fight(ing) off corona”.

Have you had your vitamins today! Did your kids have their vitamins? Did you get your daily dose of Fruits and vegetables?

HOW WILL YOU FIGHT OFF CORONA? USE NUTRABURST-CHAGA- …. #coronacure #coronaprevention

Total Life Changes distributors also encouraged the public to

call up family and friends and you say, ‘Hey look. I’ve got this business… I need you guys to come on in here and do this, because we’re laid off, we’re quarantined, we can’t go anywhere, we might as well make some money online!’…

50 people, $20 per product sold. That’s $1,000. Ok?… Don’t you want to do that?

Tranont distributors represented the company’s products helped “fight coronavirus”.

Did you know the Coronavirus is a nucleoprotein and other viruses are made up of viral proteins?

Well I have Restore, Restore is a proteolytic enzyme which breaks down proteins.

Tranont distributors also targeted people who “have lost (their) jobs” with promises of “over $1 million a year”.

Maybe some of us have lost our jobs or are trying to figure out how we’re paying for childcare now. . . .

What I’m going to share with you is something that . . . even with the crazy economy, you can build something massive.

Whether you want to make an extra $600 a month, an extra $10,000 a month, or you want to make over $1 million a year, you can do that…

Modere distributors marketed the company’s products as a “coronavirus protection kit”.

In the midst of all this corona virus hype, we should all be focused on IMMUNE HEALTH Guys forget about toilet paper!!!! This is WHAT YOU NEED!!!!!

Modere distributors, who claimed to be “7-figure earners” within the company, also targeted “people (who had) filed for unemployment” with promises of “$500 to $1500 a month”.

Arbonne distributors represented the company’s immune system supplements helped prevent contracting COVID-19.

I’ll be going live on my #IGTV in a couple of hours talking about a product which we’ve got over at #Arbonne called ‘Immunity Support’.

Drop me a message if you’re interested in finding out more & how you can boost up your immune system right now. #CoronaVirus #ImmuneSystem

Arbonne distributors also targeted “14 million people (who) applied for unemployment” with promises of a “six figure” income.

Arbonne is a legitimate business, that rewards you for your hard work.

In a little over one year, my wife [] is about 6 months away from replacing her income from working 40 hours/week [at a] local college.

In addition, the possibilities are endless, I have met those who make $22,000/month as national vice presidents.

IDLife distributors targeted people who were “depleting their savings” with promises of “earning more income when I was sleeping than when I was awake”.

Stimulus check=$1200 I used to think thats alot of money but now I know ways that amount can be made rather quickly.

-Statement made on the social media page of person who lists their work as “IDLife Corporate National Presidential Director.

It Works posted videos on their official Facebook account touting “$500 a month” income claims.

Because of It Works!, her family’s income isn’t impacted by COVID-19. Learn how you can start working from home and earning $500 a month!

Everyone’s getting stimulus checks right now…. There is no better investment you could do….

Take that money that you’re about to get back… figure out a way to make this happen tonight.

It Works distributors represented the company’s MLM opportunity was “an amazing plan B … during these hard times.”

People see why this is such an amazing plan B…. Within 6 months I was making more than I was making at my government job!

At the age of 29, I will become a millionaire all from my social media! At 23 I have been a top enroller top leader At 25 I will be a top income earner!

Rodan & Fields distributors targeted people who were “struggling” with income claims of “$1000 a month”.

If you’re struggling, and could use an extra few hundred dollars a month, why not give this a try…. #residualincome

I have spots available on my team!!! If you want to make an extra $200, $500, or $1,000 a month, message me!

Zurvita distributors claimed the company’s products could help “combat the Corona Virus”.

A lot of us are worried about getting the virus and since a vaccine has yet to be developed we’re going to have to rely on our good-old immune system to keep us healthy.

In addition to a good diet, lots of water and regular exercise, one of the best ways to STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM is to take the best broad-spectrum nutritional supplement you can find.

I can’t find anything better than Zeal!

In response to health and income claims made by MLM companies and their distributors, the FTC writes;

In letters alleging unsubstantiated health claims, the FTC states that one or more of the efficacy claims made by the companies are unsubstantiated because they are not supported by scientific evidence, and therefore violate the FTC Act.

In letters alleging unsubstantiated earnings claims, the FTC reminds the companies about what constitutes a false or misleading earnings claim that would violate the FTC Act.

The above companies have been given 48 hours to rectify suspected violations. Non-compliance may lead to further action by the FTC.

As per the FDA,

there currently are no products that are scientifically proven to treat or prevent the virus.

Anyone trying to pitch you an MLM opportunity or MLM related products with even a hint they can prevent or treat COVID-19 is lying to you.