A recording of a late December Mirror Trading International leaders zoom meeting has emerged.

In the wake of MTI’s collapse, top US investor Joel Santiago has an epic meltdown.

On the call with Santiago are Cheri Marks, Peter Muller, Rich Simmonds and other MTI leaders and top earners.

Seven minutes into the call, one of the hosts reads out a message heard received on her phone.

(Atter?) Simon says that one of his members just stabbed one of his downline with a knife.

To which Rich Simmonds (right) replies, “that sounds like Nigeria for you”.

After the female host directs someone else to further investigate, Santiago chimes in;

[7:26] Yeah I’m sure we’re gonna be hearing a lot about this stuff.

I gotta be a little vocal here ‘cuz this is killin’ me. You know we need to uh, we need to relay something.

You know there’s members… I haven’t had sleep, I haven’t slept in like seventy-two hours.

At this point Santiago’s voice cracks and he becomes emotional.

[7:50] I’ve been on calls with members that are suicidal, that have lost everything y’know?

And then we’re sitting here. We’re laughing. We’re making comments about Nigeria and people getting stabbed.

You know, we have people live’s at stake here. You know, we have people’s live’s at stake here.

And if we can’t see that, if we can’t see that… if we can’t agree to the biggest aspect of everything is lives of our members, then I can’t be a part of this.

I’ve already made the decision. My family can’t move forward with this. But it is my goal and my duty to be here for everyone.

These people believed in us. They followed me. Do you know what I’m saying?

For the last few weeks I’ve been paying out of my pocket. Out of my family’s home. These people that don’t have money to pay their mortgage.

Well it’s gone. I don’t have the ability to do that anymore. I’m not gonna lie anymore. I’m not gonna continue to do this.

And if we can’t come together, if you guys can’t come together to relay this then I’m sorry, I’m done. I am done.

I have to repair my family. I have to repair my marriage and on top of that I will not abandon our members.

I will not abandon our members for anything for the life of me. And if we can’t realize that that is the foundation of all of this.

Not any of the other nonsense… not our perspective, not whether we believe whether we’re right or wrong, people are suffering right now.

And I’m disgusted. I’m disgusted with all of us. I’m disgusted with how we’re handling this. And it’s not right. It’s not right. Period.

As Santiago pours his heart out, suspected MTI owner Cheri Marks listens with a stone-cold expression.

So fix this please. Fix this, relay something. Let the repairing start.

But to try to drag people on with hope? There is no hope.

Charlie said on the call that yesterday that MTI was dead. Several times, that MTI is done, MTI is done.

And then we asked to have the meeting at, an hour after had that meeting, so that we can relay it to our teams.

All of us voted to do it. Charlie overruled our vote. You know what I’m saying?

So we can’t progress. He does that and what happens to me, what happens to us? We get attacked!

Cheri Marks steps in at this point and asks Santiago to “take a second”.

That doesn’t go down well with Santiago;

[10:24] I mean Cheri what you need to understand it I’ve taken more than just a second.

I’ve been in this, one hundred percent and and and, I’m for the people.

And when things don’t add up and I’m over here trying to defend this vision that now… I don’t believe anything anymore. And I’m tired of being involved in this.

I’m tired of going through this and dragging our members through the mud. I’m not gonna do it. Okay?

As Santiago continues to sob, Cheri Ward attempts to console him with a wishy-washy “I know your heart” response.

That doesn’t appear to have worked. Santiago has since deleted all MTI promotional material from his social media profiles.

According to the initial MTI data leak, Santiago had personally recruited over 100 affiliate investors into MTI as of mid September.

Curiously, Santiago doesn’t appear in the latest data leak list of MTI’s top two hundred earners.


Update 9th January 2021 – Despite being uploaded nearly three weeks ago, within hours of this article going live Joel Santiago’s epic meltdown video was deleted from YouTube.

Here’s a screenshot of the video as it was available less than twenty-four hours ago:

Center left you have brother and sister team Charles Ward and Cheri Marks.

Up top, left to right, you have Joel Santiago, Cheri Marks’ webcam, some guy with an awkward username, Charlene Chiang, Johnny Kruger and Marinus Bell.

For prosperity, here is a screenshot of the comments prior to video deletion (replies to comments aren’t available now that the video is gone):

General consensus is nobody else is buying what Cheri’s airing either.


Update #2 9th January 2020 – A reupload of the original Joel Santiago meltdown video is available here.