Mirror Trading International’s collapse continues to follow the BTC Global Team playbook.

In the latest update, Cheri Marks spins quite a story.

Marks, who is believed to run MTI with her husband Clynton (right, with Marks), acknowledges that MTI has “unraveled”.

Following the search and seizure warrants executed by the FSCA on the 26th of October … it was becoming very difficult to handle to amount of work created for each department.

We insisted that Johann get help in the technical department as it was clear he and Nerina were not coping.

The system kept crashing and Johann told us that we had had numerous hacking attempts by a Russian syndicate.

Supposedly there were ransom demands sent by the Russians. No evidence of any of this, fabricated or otherwise, is provided.

Anywho, on the day the FSCA raided MTI’s offices, something something Johan Steynberg was unable to confirm MTI’s bitcoin balance.

A week after the raid, Johann requested that Clynton Marks give him BTC to pay members that had made
withdrawals as the limitation on withdrawals with the broker was still a hinderance.

Johann agreed to put in 400btc as well. Clynton then agreed and paid over 400btc of his own outside of MTI to Johann on the 1st, 11th and 12th of November 2020.

Management has no proof that Johann did contribute the amount he stated. Clynton Marks had full confidence that he would get his Bitcoin back.

Johann said Nerina Steynerg also allegedly gave 200btc for this process.

Johann frantically processed withdrawals and management insisted on this being the highest priority
knowing full well Cheri Marks had promised this to members on Johann’s instruction.

It’s worth noting that, although presented as “outside” money, any bitcoin deposited by Nerina Steynberg and Clynton Marks was MTI investor funds to begin with.

Then there’s some random email presented from “from an anonymous source”. In the email the “anonymous do-gooders” claim they warned “numerous high level MTI members” about the FSCA’s raid.

The “anonymous do-gooders” warn of Johan’s pending arrest and go on to claim Mirror Trading International, a Ponzi scheme, is a “phenomenal gift to society”.

And then there’s a whacky conspiracy theory about “financial institutions” and freemasons.

The fact is, that you, sir, are stepping on the toes of major financial institutions in South Africa and abroad.

Freemasonry is not just a rumour.

It is a well known fact that the major players in the current financial system are 17, 18 and 33 degree masons which will do anything possible to see the downfall of MTI.

It is with great concern sir, that you pose a major threat to their ecosystem.

This is typical of the rubbish Ponzi promoters come up with justify their scams.

As per Cheri’s narrative, Johan took it upon himself to act on this random email. Because y’know, it’s perfectly normal to upend your life because you received a random anonymous email.

On the 2nd of December 2020 the team heard from Johann and Nerina Steynberg, this time they were on
their way to the airport.

Johann assured us all that everything will be ok that he simply needed to secure himself for MTI and put measures in place if ever something did incapacitate him so that Nerina can run the company.

He did not disclose where he was going, he openly said that not even Nerina would be told his eventual destination. To date, his wife and daughter and extended family remain in SA.

Note that Cheri Marks’ story has changed. Just days ago Marks claimed that Steynberg left South Africa to work on MTI server migration (which itself made no sense).

Johan did send Clynton numerous pictures and messages of his flight to Doha.

Apparently from there he went on to Sao Paulo, this was conveyed to Cheri Marks in a telephone conversation at a later stage.

For the weeks between the 3rd of December to the 14th of December Johann and Nerina continued to
manage and run MTI’s technical department despite the challenges we faced, slow withdrawals, withdrawal reporting problems on the server side, a server that needed upgrades and better protection.

On the 12th of December Clynton was very worried that he had not heard anything from Johann. The team
later made contact with him and he said he fell asleep and apologised for the scare.

On Sunday the 13th of December we had a management meeting and Johann was told by our team that we
refused to work with him any longer if he didn’t appoint a proper second in charge that could run the
system in his absence.

He reiterated that Nerina would do this, as she is his 2IC.

We said that if anything ever happened to him, Nerina would be in no position to run a company and suggested we appoint an outside contractor to assist.

Johann was reluctant but agreed.

Here Marks turns on Nerina, claiming that after Johan agreed to the contractor she

categorically stated that she can run the company and that Johann will not be handing the technical department over to anyone.

Supposedly a contractor was appointed and given access on Monday December 14th.

Later that same night Johann confirmed he continued to process MTI affiliate investor withdrawals.

At 12:27am on Tuesday he confirmed withdrawals were slow due to checking process but that 5200 withdrawals had been done for the day.

The last time we heard from Johann was Tuesday 01:51 am.

On Tuesday we had no news further from Johann. We called Nerina and she also had not heard anything. She did not seem worried.

On December 15th (Tuesday), the “Johann has not logged in for 12 hours” email was supposedly sent out.

Cheri Marks immediately called Nerina.

Nerina was calm and said she would go to see Johann’s best friend as he was flying to Brazil on that Saturday
to join Johann.

When Nerina was asked what the first step should be to find him, she said “Maybe he doesn’t want to be

Marks claims MTI’s bitcoin is trapped in Trade300 accounts. Trade300 is a fictional broker created by Steynberg for MTI.

Nerina told us not to tell members about Johann being missing, and that she was sure he would turn up.

On Thursday 17/12 management got the press release from the FSCA.

We immediately contacted the server team and disabled all deposits into MTI. Nerina then confirmed

Johann uses the alias Joe Steyn “all the time, for everything”.

Nerina was again instructed to open a missing persons case immediately.

From the time of writing this statement she has still not opened a missing persons case.

On Wednesday 16 December we paid a private investigator to find Johann. Nerina was not happy about

The investigator interviewed Nerina, she refused to be recorded and was not forthcoming with information.

According to Marks, Nerina has claimed that Steynberg has booked a flight back to South Africa for December 22nd.

This was news to us, not once during the last week or after his departure was that ever communicated to us.

We are convinced she has control over his funds and the team of management and leaders were promised she could run MTI in Johann’s absence.

This is all the information we have up to the time of this statement. Further information will be communicated when we get it.

Is Steynberg back in South Africa? Did he actually ever leave?

Who knows.

I’ll give it to Marks, she’s worked on her storytelling craft since BTC Global Team. But this is still the same playbook.

Fictional brokers, piling the blame onto a missing person, and setting yourself and the rest of the MTI ringleaders up as victims (despite benefiting the most financially from MTI).

To anyone from the FSCA and/or South African police involved in the criminal investigation reading this, whilst it’s certainly amusing to document Marks’ fantastical excuses as an outsider, MTI’s victims deserve better.

You didn’t follow through with BTC Global Team and now the exact same performance is being trotted out again.

You know who the ringleaders are. You know they have the majority of invested funds. You know Marks is going to continue pumping out smoke and mirrors fiction until she’s apprehended.

On behalf of MTI victims, do your jobs please.