When Phillip Botha was summoned to appear before an enquiry held by MTI liquidators, he decided not to turn up.

We’re not sure when, but Botha has since been arrested over his decision.

Liquidators allege Botha is one of Mirror Trading International’s net-winners.

How much Botha stole through MTI is unclear. His name didn’t appear on the leaked top net-winner list.

As reported by MyBroadband, following his arrest either last week or over the weekend Botha

must appear before a magistrate to explain why he should not be remanded to custody.

Honestly given the state of affairs surrounding MTI, you can’t blame Botha for trying his luck.

Aside from Johan Steynberg, who was arrested in Brazil, none of MTI’s South African ringleaders have faced any consequences.

Other MTI net-winners, such as Nico Boshoff, Usher Bell, Marinus Bell, Ignatius Bell, Nico van der Merwe, and Gerald Lassen, had their summons dismissed because reasons.

MTI executives Clynton and Cheri Marks also thumbed liquidators, refusing to appear for a second round of questioning. The courts backed the Marks.

Not really sure how Botha screwed this up. Nonetheless if his lawyer does what the others’ did, he should be back to enjoying stolen money in no time.