Just over a year after it launched, Mfinity Global has been sold off to Kannaway’s parent company, Medical Marijuana.

As per an October 4th press-release;

Medical Marijuana Inc. … has entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement with Mfinity Global LLC.

As part of the deal, Mfinity Global co-owner Bill Andreoli will continue on as Kannaway’s new President.

Todd Smith, who ran Mfinity Global with Andreoli, isn’t mentioned in the press-release.

Smith did however make an appearance in the official Kannaway acquisition video.

Mfinity Global came about after a failed partnership between Bulavita and Juuva.

Bulavita came about following the collapse of Wakaya Perfection in late 2019, and subsequent purchase by LaCore Enterprises.

Timeline wise the company’s history can be tracked as Wakaya Perfection (2016) –> Bulavita (2019) –> Mfinity Global (2021) –> Kannaway (2022).

BehindMLM reviewed Kannaway back in 2014 during prelaunch. We haven’t revisited Kannaway since but I’ve queued it up for a review update.


Update 20th March 2023 – This article originally contained a link to the cited “Kannaway acquisition video”.

That video was publicly available on YouTube has now been marked private. As such I’ve disabled the previously accessible link.