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Magic Power Drink: Failed Magic Power Coffee rebrands

Once upon a time there was an MLM company who marketed coffee designed to help you perform better in the bedroom. Magic Power Coffee claimed to be an all natural alternative to synthetic drugs on the market like Viagra and Cialis. All was well and Magic Power Coffee grew as an MLM company… well, until [Continue reading…]

Magic Power Coffee can cause ‘injury or even death’

Magic Power Coffee markets its product as a ‘100% natural sex enhancement product’. The company claims its coffee drink contains Epimedium (horny goat weed), Ginseng, wolfberry (goji berry) and a host of other natural ingredients. The coffee is designed to be a healthy natural alternative to commonly used chemical enhancements such as viagra or cialis [Continue reading…]

Magic Power Coffee Compensation Plan Review

The Magic Power Coffee compensation plan offers five ways for independent associates to earn revenue. Retail commissions, a product order bonus, matrix commissions a check match bonus and leadership pools. Before we start looking at the various components of the Magic Power Coffee compensation plan, here are some definitions of some of the terms used [Continue reading…]

Magic Power Coffee: Combining sex, coffee and MLM

In principle mixing coffee with an aphrodisiac makes sense. Sex requires energy and coffee is probably the best known stimulant out there. So why not combine the two? Putting people in the mood for sex and giving them the energy to do it is exactly what Magic Power Coffee have set out to do.