Once upon a time there was an MLM company who marketed coffee designed to help you perform better in the bedroom.

Magic Power Coffee claimed to be an all natural alternative to synthetic drugs on the market like Viagra and Cialis. All was well and Magic Power Coffee grew as an MLM company… well, until the FDA got involved.

Following an analysis of Magic Power Coffee’s product sometime during May or June this year, the FDA slammed Magic Power Coffee over it’s claims of offering a ‘100% natural sex enhancement product‘.

The FDA’s analysis revealed that Magic Power Coffee contained something called ‘hydroxythiohomosildenafil’.

For those of you not in the pharmaceutical industry, hydroxythiohomosildenafil is similar to sildenafil – which is the active ingredient in Viagra. So it turned out Magic Power Coffee was literally nothing more then coffee + Viagra.

The FDA put out a public health warning resulting in Magic Power Coffee and its parent company, INZ Distributors put out a voluntary recall on all stock manufactured up to the 5th August.

Fast forward a few months and now it seems Magic Power Coffee is trying to relaunch themselves as Magic Power Drink.

They’ve dropped the coffee and presumably gotten rid of hydroxythiohomosildenafil… but thankfully the marketing is still just as cheesy as ever.

Magic Power Coffee have rebranded themselves uninspiringly as simply ‘Magic Power Drink’. Gone is the coffee component of the drink as it now comes in a citrus flavour, similar to those Vitamin C drinks you used to have as a kid or if you’re a bit older… those ahem, fibre supplements.

As far as I can see the hydroxythiohomosildenafil is also gone and according to Magic Power Drink’s nutritional label, seems to have been replaced with something called ‘Yohimbine‘.

According to Wikipedia, Yohimbine is

an alkaloid with stimulant and aphrodisiac effects found naturally in Pausinystalia yohimbe (Yohimbe). It is also found naturally in Rauwolfia serpentina (Indian Snakeroot), along with several other active alkaloids.

Yohimbine has traditionally been used as a treatment for sexual dysfunction but it’s also to be noted that

Controlled studies suggest that it is not always an effective treatment for impotence, and evidence of increased sex drive (libido) is anecdotal only.

So drinking Magic Power Drink could work, or it might just invoke a placebo affect. Captain Iwantsexalot’s wife has a drink and then feels compelled to engage in sex because her husband swears by the drink’s magical powers.

You know how it goes… but hey, at least it’s 100% natural this time (we hope).

Apart changing the formula, Magic Power Drink have also added a shot version of the drink. As with Magic Power Coffee you can still buy a standard sachet as ‘Magic Citrus Drink’ to mix with water, but there’s also a ‘Magic Passion Shot’ variety available which comes pre-mixed in a bottle.

It seems whoever Magic Power Drink employed to relaunch the company has done it on as cheap a budget as possible. All of the original promotional material has simply been photoshop color changed from Magic Power Coffee’s brown and cream motif to Vitamin C orange.

They’ve even kept the original Magic Power Coffee promotional video and simply time shift edited out any and all references to coffee.

Like it wasn’t awkward enough watching couples talk about their bow-chika-wow-wow time after drinking Magic Power Coffee… now you get to hear them go on about their special Magic Power Citrus drink time.

Note that in promotional videofor Magic Power Drink the amusing speech bubbles have been added by a distributor trying to market the drink. I suppose at least he or she seems to get how amusingly corny the video is.

How ever you dress it up, romantic citrus drink is never going to have the same romantic connotations as coffee did.

The Magic Power Drink compensation plan is almost identical to the Magic Power Coffee plan, save for some name references and the inclusion of the Passion Shot into the product line.

After initial analysis I wasn’t satisfied with the extremely small commission payouts distributors received when starting out and my opinion hasn’t changed.

I still think the biggest challenge in making Magic Power Drink work as a MLM business is going to be sustaining yourself through small payouts until you’ve had time to sufficiently grow your customer base and downline.

A public health warning from the FDA stating your product might ’cause injury and even death’ and voluntary recall isn’t something that can easily be brushed aside, let alone in the MLM industry.

Trust is a big factor in business and it appears that, despite making false claims about their previous Magic Power Coffee product, Magic Power Drink and the guys over at INZ Distributors are wanting another crack at it.

Will a simple budget re-brand and product formula change be enough to succeed and reposition themselves in the industry?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see.