Oslo police have decided it’s not worth pursuing an investigation into Lyoness.

Audun Kristiansen, a prosecutor at the joint unit for intelligence and investigation, told E24

In light of the current situation and that the case will require considerable resources over a long period of time, we consider it necessary to allocate resources elsewhere.

Last October the Gaming Board filed a report with the Oslo Police department, detailing ongoing Lyoness activity in Norway.

Following two appeals, Lyoness was permanently banned in Norway in February 2019.

Commenting on the Oslo Police department’s refusal to pursue the case, Henrik Nordahl, a Director with the Gaming Board, told E24

the most important factor is that Lyoness has stopped most of its network activity in (Norway).

The report last October was filed because despite the ban, the Gaming Board was still receiving reports Lyoness was being promoted in Norway.

Lyoness’ Norwegian attorney maintains Lyoness isn’t banned in Norway because the company changed its name to Cashback World.

Looking forward, while Lyoness remains banned in Norway, it appears scammers are free to promote the scheme without consequence.

At the time of publication Norway isn’t a major market for Lyoness. What promotion there is in Norway isn’t anywhere near what it was when the Gaming Board began its investigation back in 2013.

Whether that holds following confirmation Lyoness’ nationwide ban won’t be upheld by police remains to be seen.

As I understand it the Gaming Board lack enforcement powers within Norwegian law.

In the case of Lyoness, the regulator can find it to be an illegal pyramid scheme and ban the company.

Enforcement of that ban however falls on local police, who in this instance have declined to do their job because money.

Sad times for Norwegian victims of fraud.