Foreword: The order report generator linked to in this article has been taken offline sometime in the last week (16/05/2010) by Cyberwize. /end foreword


mark-mccoolWhen I was doing my initial research into the new MLM company LiveSmart 360, Mark McCool first popped up on my radar when I visited

Currently the domain is pointing to a ‘403 – forbidden page’ but last week it was pointed at a website titled ‘Get to know Mark McCool’. Additionally the domain registration for was public at that stage too and Mark McCool was listed as the registrant.

In the last week the ‘Get to know Mark McCool’ website was pulled and the domain registration for has been switched to private.

At the time I couldn’t find a link between Mark McCool, Cyberwize and LiveSmart 360 so I took it at face value and wrote it off as marketing co-incidence.

Turns out there’s a much more stronger link between the three then I first thought.

Reader ‘FBI wannabee’ left an interesting comment yesterday on my original Smartline 360 article;

Hi there

substitute the (??) in http://www.lockyourspot/?? with these numbers, you’ll know who run the 360 ^_^. Start with lowest number plz.

Following this message is a list of some 25 referral numbers which reveal some very interesting names.

The first two numbers, 4280001 and 4280002 came up with ‘Orphanage Orphanage’ and ‘Pass it on’. These both appear to be just dummy testing accounts of some kind as I wasn’t able to find any relevance to the terms.

The 4280003 referral number pops up as, the company Mark McCool is the CEO of. 4280005 then comes up as  ‘CyberWize Corporate’.

A little co-incidental methinks.

Here’s some other interesting numbers and names that popped up;

4280017 – ‘CyberWize Marketing Canada’

Self explanatory


4280018 – Ken Turnbow

This blog post by Mark McCool dated January 25th, 2010  states that

Gold Executive Ken Turnbow. Ken was the first IBO with CyberWize over 10 years ago, and today I’m happy to announce he’s also first to become a 5-Star Founding Executive!

IBO stands for ‘Independent Business Owner’. Seems Turnbow was Cyberwize’s first signup.


4280021 – Joel and Jeanell Peterson

A Joel and Jeanell Peterson both made product orders of quantity ‘500’ from Cyberwize back in May 2007.


On the pre-launch website ‘Lock Your Spot’ LiveSmart 360 bill themselves as a ‘brand new company’. With Cyberwize corporate and members of Cyberwize making up the top level of referrals this claim seems to be a bit misleading.

Mark McCool’s Cyberwize company are obviously pretty heavily invested into the launch of LiveSmart 360.

So why the relaunch?

I don’t know how up to date it is but if you have a close look at the Cyberwize order report generator I linked to before, you’ll see the last order placed by a Cyberwize IBO appears to be on the 29th March, 2010 by a Jean Gilbo.

In 2008 270 Cyberwize product orders were placed. In 2009 this number dropped to 26 and in 2010 the total orders placed appears to be just 3.

There’s a pretty clear pattern developing here.

If the order generator is accurate, I guess plummeting sales is a good a reason as any for Cyberwize to relaunch as LiveSmart 360.