Instead of just doing a runner then and there, Keep It 100’s original collapse and exit-scam was short-lived.

On or around July 29th, Keep It 100’s website went down for unscheduled “upgrades and maintenance”.

The website returned a few days later, touting a new 25% a month model.

I opined Keep It 100 would exit-scam again within 120 days (25% * 4) and, well sure enough here we are.

Keep It 100’s final exit-scam is titled “letter of defeat”.

In the letter, Keep It 100 owner Terrence Pounds (right) concocts the following exit-scam backstory;

We have been thinking of waving the flag for almost 2 weeks now but we have been hanging on for the last piece of HOPE possible.

The last 30 days have been a whirlwind with the stepping down of our once CEO and trader, Terrence, and then to the very necessary changes that we had made in the system to insure longevity.

Longevity in this space is predicated on the performance of the overall portfolio.

With K-100 we were able to raise $10,914,455 in crypto and we were able to successfully payout $9,647,004. These transactions left us responsible for $1,267,451.

Pending regulatory action, take those figures with a grain of salt.

We had felt very confident going into August with our investment portfolio as we had $206,250 in packages in Crypto Program the new AMSYS- paying roughly $47,000 USDT per month.

We also had our largest position in Votic United at $980,147.

This position averaged roughly $60,000 per week before override commissions.

We also had smaller positions with Stratify Trade ($40,000 that was a loss). We have taken up a $21,000 position with ARK-FI in 3 different wallets.

The one bright spot project that we won on was BIGWHALE, we were able to ROI on an 80 BNB which was roughly $20,000 invested.

We are not sure if you are aware or not but Crypto Program went on a 90-120 pause on payments recently and Vortic United has stopped paying.

With these two programs not paying- not only does it take away $80,000 per week in payments and the loss of almost 1.2 MILLION that we had placed with these 2 companies.

Stratify Trade and Ark-Fi I’ve never heard of but Crypto Program, Amsys, Vortic United and BigWhale are unrelated MLM Ponzi schemes.

It seems Pounds’ final exit-scam strategy is to blame Keep It 100’s collapse on other MLM Ponzi schemes collapsing.

We have no choice but to close K-100. We regret that we weren’t able to win together and we wish you the best hope in navigating this space.

It was our truest desire to exceed your expectations but we realized we have failed. We once again deeply apologize.

— The Keep It 100 Team

And that’s that. Thanks for your money, g’bye!

Keep It 100 initially collapsed after BehindMLM reported owner Terrence Pounds was facing prison time for COVID-19 loan fraud.

Pounds, a resident of Ohio, is currently scheduled to be sentenced on September 26th.

In anticipation of his incarceration and family’s loss of income, Pounds has been relentlessly promoting crypto Ponzi schemes on his “Money, Ministry & Motivation” YouTube channel since August 2022.

After Keep It 100 initially collapsed, Pounds told one investor on a webinar;

If it means my freedom or you losing your money, you’re gonna lose your money brother.

The latest filing in Pounds’ COVID-19 loan fraud case is an August 17th motion, requesting permission to travel interstate.

Mr. Pounds plans to travel to [removed], NY to pick up his oldest son; then to [removed], MD to pick up his daughter and her children (his grandchildren).

From [removed] they will be heading to [removed], FL to visit his mother and father prior to his sentencing.

Mr. Pounds will also be travelling with [removed] Pounds (wife), [removed] Pounds (son), [removed] Pounds (daughter), and [removed] Carter (granddaughter) and will be driving by car to and from.

If approved, Mr. Pounds plans to leave on August 28, 2023, drive to (New York); leave (New York) on August 30, 2023, and be in (Maryland) by August 31, 2023; leave (Maryland) by September 3, 2023, and be in (Florida) by September 5, 2023.

Mr. Pounds will be staying with family in [removed], [removed] and Florida.

Pounds travel plans begin the day before Keep It 100’s exit-scam completed. The court approved Pounds’ request for permission to travel on August 17th.

The majority of Keep It 100 investors are believed to be US and Canadian residents.

Total losses and how much Pounds stole through the Ponzi scheme remain unknown.