Following the collapse of KashhCoin in late 2017, founder Asif Ashraf Malkani withdrew what he’d stolen and went into hiding.

Complaints from KashhCoin investors after the collapse prompted an investigation by Indian authorities.

That investigation lead to the arrest of one of Malkani’s accomplices.

Malkani however remained at large, until his recent arrest in New Delhi.

Following stints in Goa, Chennai, Kolkata, Kanpur and Pune, last month Malkani (right) fled to Uttar Pradesh.

Not satisfied with scamming people through just one cryptocurrency, Malkani was gearing up to launch a new MLM shitcoin.

Malkani’s new scam was going to be called V-Tube, some sort of video streaming service tied to a yet to be launched V-flix altcoin.

Interrogation of Malkani also revealed that prior to launching KashhCoin he was involved in the Unetenet Ponzi scheme.

Unetenet initially launched in 2013 and solicited investment in “franchises”, on the promise of a weekly ROI.

About seven or so months in Unetnet collapsed. Investigations by Latvian and Spanish authorities revealed Unetenet scammed around 22,000 victims out of €50 million euros.

Despite arrests being made in Spain in 2015, a third Unetenet reboot was launched in August 2016.

Unetenet Global was short-lived and appears to have collapsed shortly after launch.

Asif Malkani went on to launch KashhCoin a few months later in October 2016.

KashhCoin itself was your typical MLM cryptocurrency company.

Investors were duped on promises of riches attached to the KASHH altcoin, which served no purpose and held no value outside of KashhCoin itself.