jusuru-logoBioCell collagen is a nutraceutical ingredient freely available from BioCell Technology.

Combining BioCell collagen with some other ingredients to make a juice, bottling it and attaching a MLM compensation plan is Jusuru.

Read on for a full review of the Jusuru business opportunity.

The Company

Jusuru was founded in 2009 and is headed up by Asma Ishaq (photo right), who serves as Jusuru’s President.

Ishaq doesn’t appear to have a history in MLM prior to 2009. Her Jusuru company bio simply states that she

has a vast background in product development, formulating, and manufacturing of nutritional supplements and skin care products.

In her position as Executive Vice President of BioCell Technology, where she implemented unprecedented marketing and branding strategies in the context of nutraceutical ingredients.

Ishaq is named as co-founder on the Jusuru website and there doesn’t seem to be any information on who the other founder is. Infact there doesn’t appear to be any information available anywhere on who the other founder(s) is/are.

Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough but that strikes me as odd to name a co-founder and then have zero information on who the other co-founder(s) is/are.

The Jusuru Product Line

Jusuru’s flagship product is a juice called ‘Jusuru Life Blend’ that contains ‘Biocell Collagen’. I thought collagen was just for making middle-aged women’s faces puffy, but apparently it’s drinkable too.

Jusuru claim that their collagen juice is ‘an essential nutritional component for those wanting to remain healthy and active throughout their life’ because it ‘supplies a concentrated matrix of nutrients that may provide more broad-based nutritional support’.

Jusuru sell their Life Blend juice for $49.95 a bottle (750ml). It’s also available as a concentrated ‘Travel Shot’ (sold in boxes of 14 59ml shots for $94.95) and there’s a ‘Pet Blend’ variety sold for $59.95 a bottle (120ml).

The Jusuru Membership Ranks

In order to better understand certain areas of the Jusuru compensation plan, it’s important to lay out the membership ranks and their respective qualification requirements first.

With Jusuru, once a membership rank has been achieved it is valid for 12 months. However members are paid monthly based on the rank they achieve qualification wise.

For example, if you reach the Venture III rank you will hold that title for a year. Two months later however if you only qualify for Venture II, you don’t lose your Venture III rank but you are only paid out commissions at the Venture II level.

Jusuru membership ranks Venture II, Venture III and Venture IV are valid for life once achieved. Members who achieve Endeavor I or higher must again qualify within 12 months of originally qualifying. Failure to do so means that the member has their membership level reclassified according to their highest qualifying month.

Terminology associated with the Jusuru membership ranks includes

  • Personal Volume (PV) – Personal Volume is the sales volume of Jusuru products you yourself purchase in any given month
  • Group Volume (GV) – Group Volume is the amount of sales volume you and your team (down five levels) make in any given month
  • Downline Volume (DV) – Downline Volume is the entire sales volume generated by your team in any given month
  • Active – In order to receive commissions within Jusuru, members must remain ‘active’ by purchasing at least140 PV a month
  • Unilevel leg – The Jusuru compensation plan utilises a unilevel compensation structure. Each new Jusuru member recruited forms a new leg within this structure

Note that for PV, GV and DV, 1 point is equal to $1 in product purchase(s).

There are nine membership ranks within Jusuru and along with their qualification requirements they are as follows;

  • Venture I – Venture I is the first membership rank of Jusuru and all that’s required to qualify is the purchase of 140PV of product a month (‘active’ qualification).
  • Venture II – requires Active status and at least one unilevel leg with an active Jusuru member in it.
  • Venture III – requires Active status, at least three unilevel legs with an active Jusuru member in each and 750 GV.
  • Venture IV – requires Active status, at least four unilevel legs with an active Jusuru member in each (2 of which must be at least Venture II) and 1,500 GV.
  • Endeavor I – requires Active status, at least five unilevel legs with an active Jusuru member in each (2 of which must be at least Venture III) and 3,000 GV.
  • Endeavor II – requires Active status, at least five unilevel legs with an active Jusuru member in each (2 of which must be at least Venture IV) and 3,000 GV.
  • Endeavor III – requires Active status, at least five unilevel legs with an active Jusuru member in each (2 of which must be at least Endeavor I), 3,000 GV and 15,000 DV.
  • Endeavor IV – requires Active status, at least five unilevel legs with an active Jusuru member in each (2 of which must be at least Endeavor II), 3,000 GV and 30,000 DV.
  • Enterprise – requires Active status, at least six unilevel legs with an active Jusuru member in each (2 of which must be at least Endeavor III), 3,000 GV and 75,000 DV.

The Jusuru Compensation Plan

The Jusuru compensation plan offers members eight ways to generate commissions including retail commissions, preferred customers commissions, a Fast Start Bonus, Team Commissions, an Elite Leadership Bonus, Checkmatch Bonus, Turbo Infinity Bonus and Luxury Car Bonus.

Retail Commissions

Jusuru offers members retail profits which are the difference between the wholesale price of the product and the retail price.

For example, the wholesale price of a bottle of Jusuru Life Blend is $35 and the retail $49.95. If a Jusuru members sells a bottle of Jusuru Life Blend to a retail customer, they pocket the $14.95 difference in commissions.

Preferred Customer Commissions

Preferred customers are retail customers who elect to receive Jusuru products on autoship each month.

In exchange for signing up to autoship, preferred customers receive a 15% discount on their orders and the Jusuru member who enrolls the customer earns a 15% commission on all autoship orders.

Fast Start Bonus

The Jusuru Fast Start Bonus is paid out as a percentage commission three levels deep on the personal volume of new members you recruit during their first 60 days with the company.

How much of a Fast Start Bonus Jusuru members earn is dependent on their commission:

  • Venture II – 15% on level 1 and 7% on level 2
  • Venture III – 20% on level 1, 10% on level 2 and 7% on level 3
  • Venture IV and above – 20% on level 1 and 10% on levels 2 and 3

Team Commissions

After the 60 day Fast Start Bonus period has expired, commissions on the sales volume of your organisation, paid down 7 levels.

Jusuru use a unilevel structure meaning that each member you personally recruit is placed in a new leg under you. This forms your level 1.

Any members your Level 1 recruit form your level 2, any they recruit your level 3 and so on and so forth.

Within this unilevel structure you are paid a percentage commission down seven levels. What levels you are paid out on and how much of a percentage depends on your Jusuru membership rank:

  • Venture II – 3% on levels 1 and 2
  • Venture III – 5% on levels 1 and 2 and 3% on level 3
  • Venture IV – 5% on levels 1 to 3 and 3% on level 4
  • Endeavor I – 5% on levels 1 to 4 and 3% on level 5
  • Endeavor II – 5% on levels 1 to 4, 3% on level 5 and 2% on level 6
  • Endeavor III – 5% on levels 1 to 4, 3% on levels 5 and 6 and 4% on level 7
  • Endeavor IV – 5% on levels 1 to 7
  • Enterprise – 5% on levels 1 to 4, 7% on level 5, 8% on level 6 and 10% on level 7

Elite Leadership Bonus

The Elite Leadership Bonus is a one time commission paid out when Jusuru members achieve certain membership ranks for two consecutive months.

Qualifying for Venture III for two consecutive months pays out $100 and Endeavor I pays out $300.

Members who personally sponsor other Jusuru members who qualify for the Elite Leadership Venture III Bonus ($100), also qualify for a matching $100 bonus (provided they themselves have already been paid out the Elite Leadership Venture III Bonus).

Checkmatch Bonus

Jusuru’s Checkmatch Bonus is a matching bonus paid out on the earnings of those in your unilevel organisation. Qualified earnings include the Fast Start Bonus, Team Commissions and Turbo Infinity Bonus.

In order to receive a commission from your team members they must earn $100 (Checkmatch 1), $250 (Checkmatch 2) or $500 (Checkmatch 3).

Starting with Endeavor II, your own membership rank then dictates how much of a Checkmatch Bonus you can earn:

  • Endeavor II – 10% on qualifying Checkmatch 1 members
  • Endeavor III – 15% on qualifying Checkmatch 1 members and 10% on Checkmatch 2 members
  • Endeavor IV – 20% on qualifying Checkmatch 1 members, 15% on Checkmatch 2 members and 10% on Checkmatch 3 members
  • Enterprise – 25% on qualifying Checkmatch 1 members, 20% on Checkmatch 2 members and 15% on Checkmatch 3 members

Turbo Infinity Bonus

The Turb0 Infinity Bonus extends payable commissions past the seven unilevel levels the Team Commissions component of the Jusuru compensation plan covers.

Endeavor III and IV members earn a 0.5% commission on all the sales volume of members deeper than level seven on their unilevel. Enterprise members earn 1% on this volume.

Luxury Car Bonus

The Jusuru Luxury Car Bonus is made available to Endeavor III and above members and pays out up to $1000 a month towards a ‘silver Mercedes Benz’.

There are three possible payments within the Luxury Car Bonus and they, along with their respective qualifications are as follows:

  • $500 – 1 Endeavor II unilevel leg and 25,000 DV
  • $700 – 2 personally recruited $500 Luxury Car Bonus qualified members in your unilevel organisation
  • $1,000 – 2 personally recruited $700 Luxury Car Bonus qualified members in your unilevel organisation

Joining Jusuru

Membership to Jusuru is priced at $39.95 annually and includes a replicated online store and distributor kit.


At the end of the day, regardless of what’s in it, with Jusuru we’re looking at a flagship product that is a bottle of juice that costs $49.95. At 750ml a bottle that’s $66 a litre.

$66 a litre for juice that may ‘provide more broad-based nutritional support’.

I dunno about you but that sounds an awful lot like market speak for we’re not sure if our juice actually does anything, it hasn’t been tested by the FDA so we’re going to cover ourselves. Oh, but in the meantime we’re going to price our juice as if it does what we say it does.

Not exactly confidence inspiring and at $49.95 a ridiculously hard sell I’d imagine. Unfortunately with Jusuru it appears the product itself is the weakest point in the opportunity.

The compensation plan seems to be pretty well grounded in sales but one thing that stuck out to me is the high personal volume monthly requirement in order to remain active.

At 140 PV this equates to $140 in personal volume a month and when you consider 120ml is the daily dosage amount of Jusuru’s regular Life Blend (3,600ml a month), the four pack of 750ml Life Blend bottles at $199.80 isn’t even enough product to achieve this.

Realistically if you want to take the recommended daily dosage of Jusuru Life Blend you’re looking at a staggering $249.75 a month in personal volume.

Remember, that’s $249.95 a month on juice!

After that recommended dosage is considered I guess the 140 minimum PV a month requirement isn’t so bad but it only further highlights the marketing dilemma.

How the hell do you convince customers to spend $249.95 a month on juice?!

I think given the price of Jusuru’s product, without the attached business opportunity you’re going to be extremely hard-pressed to find true retail customers for their juice.

The Jusuru compensation plan does have some recruitment requirements built into it, but nothing that you probably wouldn’t experience with organic growth and attracting distributors to your business along the way anyway.

The problem is hitting those group volume and downline volume with actual sales of the juice… good luck with that!


Update 20th January 2017 – acquired the companyJusuru is no more. As per a press-release issued by Modere on January 18th, their parent company Z Capital Partners, L.L.C. has .