Serial MLM crypto Ponzi scammer Jeremie Sowerby has been indicted and arrested again, this time for Softek and Justice Capital related fraud.

As per an indictment filed on November 14th, Sowerby (right) defrauded an Arizona investor out of $207,000.

Sowerby stole the money

under the guise of a purported risk-free investment with guaranteed returns.

The “investment” and “earnings” were an illusion. Sowerby stole (the) money and used it for his own personal needs.

Sowerby’s alleged misconduct took place between 2021 to July 2023, through the companies Softek LLC and Justice Capital.

Softek LLC was registered as Wyoming and Nevada shell companies in September 2021. Sowerby used the company to establish a Bank of America account, through which he laundered investor funds.

Nevada finally revoked Softek LLC’s registration in July 2023. Wyoming isn’t cited as taking any action.

Justice Capital ran from the website “”. Despite the name, Justice Capital had nothing to do with justice.

Sowerby used the company to perpetuate a fraudulent crypto mining investment scheme.

In marketing Justice Capital to a cited victim (H.C.),

Sowerby explained that Justice Capital was a hedge fund, offered only to high-income earners.

According to Sowerby, as of December 2022, there were approximately 100 investors in Justice Capital.

Sowerby explained to H.C. that the investment was tied to the stock market and traded using a “bot” algorithm involving AU stock.

H.C. went on to invest $207,000 into Justice Capital.

H.C. never earned any return on the investment and was never able to get the original investment returned.

Instead of investing H.C.’s money as promised, Sowerby instead used the money to obtain cashier’s checks.

One check was made payable to 888 Management LLC, which is an entity Sowerby owns.

Sowerby’s second indictment sees him charged with three counts of wire fraud and one count of money laundering. Forfeiture of ill-gotten gains is also being sought.

Sowerby, an illegal immigrant from Canada, was indicted for Now Mining Ponzi scamming in September.

In a filing opposing Sowerby’s release (he was also arrested in September), the DOJ revealed Sowerby is facing multiple pending indictments.

Sowerby remains in custody in Arizona pending ongoing criminal proceedings.


Update 7th December 2023 – Sowerby’s Softek and Justice Capital trial was tentatively scheduled for January 9th, 2024.

On November 29th Sowerby filed a motion requesting the scheduled trial date be continued.

On December 5th the court granted Sowerby’s motion, rescheduling the trial for April 9th, 2024.