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Star bonuses cement Javita’s recruitment focus

Ever since I first looked at Javita back in May, I’ve been actively following the company with a particular interest in how Javita choose to market themselves. With a product as readily retailable as instant coffee sachets, I believed there was no excuse for Javita to go down the recruitment path. If the Javita product [Continue reading…]

Javita August incentive focus on recruitment drive

When I first reviewed the Javita MLM business opportunity, I reflected that despite having a compensation plan that incorporated product sales on a retail level (business volume), the door was wide open for members to simply place new recruits on auto-ship and hope that one of them eventually made it. In doing so the recruiting [Continue reading…]

Javanomics reduces Javita to a numbers game

Javanomics is the official training division of the recently launched MLM coffee company, Javita. I’m still not entirely sure when Javanomics plan to launch, but the launch date must be getting nearer as we’re starting to see more and more promotional and training material being released. Last week I covered what Javanomics are calling the [Continue reading…]

Javita marketing emphasises top member drawback

Back when I first looked at the Javita business opportunity, I identified one of major drawbacks potential distributors were going to face was in the amount of product required to be given out as samples. When we decide if a coffee is good or not, do we necessarily care where or how it’s made? No. [Continue reading…]

Javita Review: Is instant coffee + MLM viable?

Coffee, it’s one of the most widely recognisable and consumed beverages in the world and as a commodity, green coffee beans are also up there as far as trade goes. Virtually everybody on the planet knows what coffee is and it’s a product that transcends cultural, economic and geographical boundaries worldwide.To say there’s an existing [Continue reading…]

The Javita Coffee Company compensation plan review

The Javita compensation plan revolves around a unilevel organisation. The Javita unilevel organisation creates a new leg underneath you for each member that you personally recruit into the Javita business opportunity. Javita’s unilevel compensation plan plays off on a stronger and weaker arm of your business. The strongest leg of your unilevel is weighed up [Continue reading…]