ITP Corp’s iPhone Ponzi app has been removed from Apple’s Store.

The removal follows Google also removing ITP Pro’s Ponzi app in September.

As they did back then, ITP Corp is trying to cover up the removal under the guise of maintenance.

In order to better meet the needs of ITP business development, we hereby upgrade and modernize the IOS system terminal, which we solemnly notify all IOS system terminal users.

This is of course baloney. When apps are updated the updating process is seamless for the end user. There is no downtime.

With the Google Play Store removal ITP Corp engaged in a cat and mouse routine. ITP Corp would reupload the app under new bogus details, only to have Google remove it again.

After this happened four or five times, ITP Corp resorted to offering its app to Android users through sideloading.

This bypasses a devices security settings and, with respect to loading apps from Ponzi scammers, is highly dangerous for obvious reasons.

For Apple ITP Corp isn’t bothering with the cat and mouse reuploading, they’ve moved straight to offering the Ponzi app direct to Apple users.

ITP Corp is a Ponzi scheme run by Chinese scammers. Promotion wise ITP Corp began primarily targeting immigrant communities in the UK.

One of ITP Corp’s ringleaders in the UK is Mack Subedar (aka Fakih Mahmood Subedar).

Prior to stealing money through MLM Ponzi schemes, Subedar was a toilet paper salesman:

As per the flyer above, Subedar is running an ITP Pro Ponzi marketing event in the UK on November 19th. The event is being hosted by Athena in Leicester.

On its website Athena cites itself as “the Midlands’ most unique venue, and the perfect setting for the perfect event.” Whether Athena is aware it’s set to host a Ponzi marketing event later this week is unclear.

From the UK ITP Corp promotion has spread to in the US, India, Canada, Netherlands and Germany.

Other than some ISPs in the UK preemptively blocking ITP Corp’s original website domain, authorities have yet to take action.

Why the FCA hasn’t yet issued an ITP Corp securities fraud warning is unclear. As of October 8th, 2023, MLM cryptocurrency investment schemes are outright illegal in the UK.


Update 25th November 2023 – ITP Corp has collapsed.