level-9-app-logoLaunched in February of 2013, Level 9 App was based on the premise of giving away a free mobile app and charging customers $7.95 a month for “extended content”.

Affiliates were charged a little bit extra on top of this for “full compensation plan benefits”.

As is common with app-based MLM companies, shortly after launch the company went into decline. There was certainly no shortage of Level 9 affiliates promoting the company, so it would seem they failed to attract retail paid users of the app.

According to the Level 9 App company website,

In Mid August, 2013, Level 9 Marketing was purchased from its founders by two of its original Brand Partners.

Now, in an announcement made a few months ago, Level 9 App are looking to rebrand themselves as “IQ Life”.


The app the company was based on?

Well, according to Level 9 it’s being abandoned for a social network:

Now is the time to strategically align with a brand new social sharing platform soon to be released. Level 9 Marketing is shifting to iQLife. Those in this movement will soon be in position to capitalize on this multi hundred billion dollar social sharing arena!

A mobile app opp that went nowhere is now entering the social network MLM niche? Hmm.

Read on for a review of the IQ Life MLM business opportunity.

The Company

As was the case with the original owners when they first launched L9 App, no details on who is running IQ Life are available

That this information is missing from the Level 9 App website is worrying enough, considering the company was sold off just under a year ago.

IQ Life itself doesn’t appear to yet have a website, but the company’s planned social network, “IQ Konnect”, has a site up:


At present it’s little more than a placeholder to inform visitors that IQ Konnect is “coming soon”, but the domain registration reveals a Marty Johnson of Level 9 Marketing as the owner.

Marty Johnson’s position in Level 9 Marketing, nor his relationship with IQ Life or IQ Konnect however is not disclosed.

The IQ Life Product Line

At this stage, the only publicly disclosed service IQ Life have announced is “IQ Konnect”.

IQ Konnect is a social network, which IQ Life claims ‘will start a movement by rewarding you for bringing all your life experiences to this platform!’

The domains “iqdefender.com”, “iqdefence.com”, “iqshop.net”, “qlifefounders.info”, “iqlifelibrary.info”, “iqmarket.us”, “iqshop.us”, iqlife.info” are also both registered to Marty Johnson of Level 9 Marketing. Both domains are active, however they are both currently parked with blank pages.

Whether or not IQ Life will use these domains to release additional products and services in the future is unclear.

The IQ Life Compensation Plan

The IQ Life compensation plan revolves around the company charging affiliates a monthly fee, and then paying out recruitment commissions via a 3×9 matrix.

A 3×9 matrix places an affiliate at the top of the matrix, with three positions directly under them (level 1):


In turn, these three positions branch out into another three positions each (level 2), and so on and so forth down a total of 9 levels.

Positions in the matrix are filled via recruitment (both direct and indirect), with commissions paid out based on how many filled positions an IQ Life affiliate has in their matrix each month.

How much of a commission is paid out depends on how what level a filled matrix position (recruited affiliate) falls on:

  • Level 1 – 10 cents per filled position
  • Level 2 – $1.10 per filled position
  • Levels 3 to 6 – 15 cents per filled position
  • Level 7 – $1.15 per filled position
  • Level 8 – 65 cents per filled position
  • Level 9 – $1 per filled position

A 25% matching bonus is available on the matrix commissions paid out to personally recruited affiliates.

To qualify for the matching bonus, an IQ Life affiliate must recruit and maintain three fee-paying affiliates.

If an affiliate personally recruits and maintains six fee-paying affiliates, the matching bonus increases to 50%.

Joining IQ Life

Affiliate membership to IQ Konnect (which appears to only currently include IQ Konnect), is priced at $9.95 a month.


With Level 9 App using the same 3×9 compensation plan, it’s evidently clear that all that’s really happening with IQ Life is that the compensation plan is being hitched to a new service.

The MLM social network niche has developed a notorious reputation for failure. Despite dozens of them launching over the years, to date not one has managed to take off.


Instead of focusing on innovating the social network concept, they use the income opportunity as the drawcard. Inevitably they then wind up with a social network full of users solely there for the income opportunity.

Anyone not interested in the income opportunity is left asking themselves why they’d bother using what is typically an inferior clone of Facebook, with affiliates at a loss to provide an answer without mentioning the income opportunity.

Looking set to continue this tradition is IQ Life with their IQ Konnect social network.

As it stands, IQ Life are poised to charge affiliates $9.95 to participate in the IQ Konnect income opportunity.

Affiliates are paid to recruit new affiliates, with nothing being sold to retail customers. Hell, other than the income opportunity itself, nothing is being sold to affiliates either.

At present, IQ Life affiliates (who are presumably Level 9 App affiliates migrating over) can be seen advertising IQ Konnect and IQ Life as a simple $9.95 a pop recruitment scheme.

Sign up, pay your IQ Life $9.95 fee and then get paid to recruit other affiliates who do the same.

YouTube in particular is full of IQ Life affiliates explaining this underlying business model with fancy slides and presentations.

As with all recruitment schemes however, once recruitment dries up and those at the bottom can’t find people to sign up, they stop paying their monthly fees. Once this happens, those above them stop getting paid and they too stop paying their monthly fees.

Inevitably this slowly trickles up the company until it finally causes an irreversible collapse.

Level 9 App failed to take off because it offered little to no value to retail customers. IQ Life haven’t played all their cards yet but based on what information is currently available, I’ve seen nothing that would indicate history isn’t about to repeat itself.