Rather than just slink away with what they’ve stolen, Intelligence Prime Capital is priming investors for another round of losses.

The forex trading ruse has run its course. So now Intelligence Prime Capital is an MLM crypto Ponzi.

Intelligence Prime Capital set up their transition to crypto fraud with IPCloud, announced towards the end of March.

IPCloud has now been expanded with the introduction of two Ponzi shitcoins; IUSD and IPC.

IUSD is represented as being worth $1 each. It’s an excuse to convert USD monopoly money backoffice amounts to a shitcoin Intelligence Prime Capital can dump at any time.

The Ponzi side of the business will now take place in IPC tokens.

After converting backoffice USD balances to IUSD, IPCapital affiliates are being urged to invest in IPC tokens for 5 to 8 cents each.

Whether returns will just be paid on invested IPC tokens or there’ll be some staking ruse cover has yet to be disclosed.

On the backend, IPC tokens will be converted back to IUSD when it’s time to cash out. IUSD will then either be paid out internally or dumped on public exchanges.

Intelligence Prime Capital’s new crypto fraud phase might start off with internal withdrawals but, given the original Ponzi collapsed, that’s not going to last long.

The public exchange exit-scam will see ISDU dumped on dodgy exchanges. Affiliates rush to cash out and whatever artificial value ISUD starts with plummets.

The takeaway here is that once a Ponzi scheme collapses, it’s over. The hoops Intelligence Prime Capital will enact to get anything out will only get bigger.

New money is going to be scarce due to existing investors believing they’ve got a ton of money to cash out but can’t. Why throw more good money after the bad.

That in turns leads to a decline in recruitment, and so the Ponzi death spiral continues.

Oh and then there’s the corporate shenanigans and “regulators!” nonsense, which conveniently disappeared when it’s time to ask for more money.