There is no information on the Income4Ads website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Income4Ads website domain (“”) was registered on the 30th of November 2013, and lists a John Stephenson as the domain owner.

I punched the provided registration address (“1574 Chandler Hollow Road Pittsburgh, PA 15219”), and Google said it didn’t exist (tried some variations too).

The Income4Ads website is hosted in Russia, broken English features on the company website, their marketing videos are voiced over by someone with a middle-eastern or Indian accent, and John Stephenson is a generic an Anglo-Saxon name as they come. Put all of that together and I was already suspicious as to whether or not John Stephenson was an actual person.

My suspicions were confirmed when I visited the website Income4Ads uses to host the “how it works” marketing video:


As above, that gave me an email address and affiliate referral code to go off. The email address turned up nothing but turns out that same referral code has been used in other MLM opportunities:


The two that caught my eye were Wazzub and TextCashNetwork but there was also a bunch of non-MLM “pay to click” schemes tied to the code.

The TextCashNetwork result above took me to a Blogger account, belonging to Muhammad Sarfraz Awan:


On his LinkedIn profile Awan lists himself as being based out of Pakistan and working as an “Accounts Officer” at Islamabad Feeds (Pvt) Ltd:


By tracking his commonly used affiliate referral code, Awan has clearly been involved in various MLM opportunities to date. Income4Ads however appears to be his first venture on the executive side of things.

As suspected, John Stephenson does not appear to be an actual person.

Read on for a full review of the Income4Ads MLM business opportunity.

The Income4Ads Product Line

Income4Ads has no retailable products or services. Instead affiliates join the company and invest in VIP credits for $1.

The Income4Ads website also makes mention of a penny auction, but at the time of publication it didn’t exist yet:


The Income4Ads Compensation Plan

The Income4Ads compensation plan is poorly presented on the company website. From what I’ve been able to piece together from affiliate advertising though, the basic idea is that affiliates join and invest in VIP credits for $1 each.

Each VIP credit then pays out a daily ROI over 90 days, with funds being sourced from subsequent affiliate invest in VIP credits.

If an affiliate doesn’t wish to directly invest in VIP credits, by spamming the internet and clicking ads they can accrue an organic VIP point balance over 60 days.

50% of this daily ROI must be re-invested back into the company via VIP credit investment. Affiliates can also re-invest more their daily ROI to purchase more credits, with the idea being that given enough time they will be able to withdraw some of their daily ROI and keep up with the rolling 90 day point expiry.

Income4Ads also offers recruitment commissions on paid affiliate memberships using a 2×5 matrix. This matrix places an affiliate at the top of the matrix with two positions directly under them (level 1):


These two positions in turn branch out into another two positions each (level 2), and again for level 3 and so on and so forth down a total of five levels.

Each position represents a recruited affiliate, with commissions paid out being determined by how much an affiliate themselves pay in membership fees each month.

  • Free affiliates earn $2 per Silver affiliate, $10 per Gold affiliate and $20 per Diamond affiliate on level 1 only
  • Silver affiliates earn $2 per Silver affiliate, $10 per Gold affiliate and $20 per Diamond affiliate on level 1 and 25 cents per Silver, Gold or Diamond affiliate on level 2 and above
  • Gold affiliates earn $2 per Silver affiliate, $10 per Gold affiliate and $20 per Diamond affiliate on level 1 and 35 cents per Silver and $1 per Gold and Diamond member on level 2 and above
  • Diamond affiliates earn $2 per Silver affiliate, $10 per Gold affiliate and $20 per Diamond affiliate on level 1 and 40 cents per Silver, $1.50 per Gold and $3.50 per Diamond affiliate on level 2 and above

Joining Income4Ads

Affiliate membership to Income4Ads is available at four levels:

  • Free – no cost
  • Silver – $10 a month
  • Gold – $50 a month
  • Diamond – $100 a month


Also know that if you invest from the start, you will earn from the first day. You can check earnings according to investment by our calculator.

Without investment you have to post ads for 60 days, and then after 60 days your earnings will start.

-Income4Ads “How it works” marketing video

VIP credits, 90 day ROIs, Silver, Gold and Diamond affiliate memberships, penny auctions… Income4Ads reads like a Zeek Rewards clone –  without an actual penny auction platform.

Clearly Muhammad Sarfraz Awan had gotten his inspiration for Income4Ads’ compensation plan from Zeek Rewards’s $600M Ponzi points business model.

Sure enough with a bit more digging I turned up Awan pimping investment schemes he claimed were “just like zeekrewards”:


What Islamabad Feeds Pvt Ltd are paying Awan I don’t know but he obviously feels it’s not enough. Having been involved as an affiliate in several failed Ponzi investment schemes, Awan has apparently decided being an admin is where the money is.

As with Zeek Rewards, once new affiliates stop investing real money in VIP credits/points, Income4Ads will very quickly run out of money to pay existing affiliate investors with.

Meanwhile the whole affiliate membership commissions is just a good old fashioned recruitment-driven pyramid scheme.

Due to the 90 day rolling ROI Ponzi points business model and 50% mandatory re-investment, Income4Ads will take a little longer to stall than your typical Ponzi – but the collapse will eventually hit regardless.

Despite Zeek Rewards being shut down eighteen months ago, evidently there are still those out there who still think it’s just what the MLM industry needs.