Following a January 3rd article from the Guardian trying to uncover Hyperverse CEO Steven Reece Lewis, I couldn’t help but revisit the collapsed Ponzi scheme.

There wasn’t much to go on. I tracked Lewis to Thailand’s nightlife but couldn’t find anything definitive to publish.

Someone else who read the Guardian’s article is “Nobody Special” of the “Nobody Special Finance” YouTube channel.

On January 5th, Nobody Special Finance published a video titled “BUSTED: Fake HyperVerse CEO Who Stole $1.3 Billion Unmasked!“.

In the video, “Steven Reece Lewis” is outed as Thailand resident Steve Harrison.

If you’re unfamiliar with Hyperverse or need a refresher, it launched in late 2021 following the collapse of HyperFund.

The series of Hyper* MLM crypto Ponzi schemes were run by Ryan Xu and Sam Lee.

By the time HyperFund collapsed, Xu’s and Lee’s credibility was shot to pieces. This prompted hiring of Boris CEO “Steven Reece Lewis” to front Hyperverse.

As per the cited Nobody Special Finance YouTube video, Lewis was played by UK national Steve Harrison.

Harrison, who evidently also goes by “Stevo”, is a UK national from Bournemouth. Since at least the mid 2010s, Harrison has been living in Thailand.

The last post on Harrison’s FaceBook page is dated December 30th, 2023.

The post features a video clip of Fanzone, a show broadcast by True Visions. True Visions being a sports oriented cable and satellite TV operator in Thailand.

This led me to Harrison’s LinkedIn profile, on which he cites his location as the UK.

It seems ol’ Stevo is quite the football fan.

While we now know who Steven Reece Lewis is, we still don’t know how he was hired by Xu and Lee to play Hyperverse CEO.

With respect to potential criminal charges, also how much in stolen HyperFund Ponzi funds Harrison was paid. Conspiracy to commit wire fraud and securities fraud is a given.

However much he was paid, Harrison appears to be doing quite well for himself post HyperFund and Hyperverse.

Hyperverse victims? Not so much. As one of the larger MLM Ponzi schemes that ran for some time, HyperFund losses are expected to run into the hundreds of millions, possibly into the billions.

Sam Lee is hiding in Dubai and still stealing money through various MLM crypto Ponzi schemes.

Ryan Xu hasn’t been seen in public since HyperFund collapsed.


Update 7th January 2023 – Apparently Steve Harrison doesn’t want anyone to know he’s been to India recently.

While I was researching this article Harrison has been busy deleting lots of posts from his FaceBook account.

Owing to Harrison deleting posts, if you go looking for some of the screenshots cited in this article you might not find them.


Update 13th January 2024 – The Guardian secured an interview with Steve Harrison.

Harrison wants everyone to know he “feels bad” for Hyperverse victims. Harrison also claims “he had “certainly not pocketed” any of the money lost by investors.”

The terms of the contract were for a three-month renewable retainer, during which he would be paid 20,000 Thai baht a month for a maximum of six hours work a month.

Harrison said most months he worked for only one to two hours, with three videos in one month the most work he undertook.

He was sent a script before each recording. At one point, he said, there was a plan to fly him to the US for an event, but this had never happened.

Not the usual Russian scammers but some insight into the hiring of Boris CEOs nonetheless.