The merchant providing GSPartners with debit card financial services has severed ties.

In an email sent out earlier today, Club Swan and Nvayo Limited advised GSPartners affiliates;

We’d like to inform you that Nvayo/CoinX  (as an e-money issuer) and Club Swan (as the crypto wallets and concierge services provider) is no longer providing financial or other services to GS Partners and GSB – (dba GSlifestye and affiliated entities), with immediate effect.

GSLifestyle was a debit card attached to GSPartners’ cryptocurrency backend.

In other words, up until today, Club Swan and Nvayo Limited assisted GSPartners with laundering funds obtained through securities fraud.

To that end, no explanation for Nvayo Limited and Club Swan severing ties with GSPartners is provided.

On its website Club Swan pitches itself as a

membership, concierge and lifestyle services and cryptocurrency products offered through AU Card, LLC.

Club Swan Prepaid Accounts issued to individuals in the United States of America are provided and issued by CoinX Inc., a Money Service Business regulated and registered by FinCEN and by over 44 states list here.

Club Swan Prepaid Account access cards are issued by CoinX.

Club Swan advises that Defunct GSLifestyle branded debit cards will continue to work, but will fall under Club Swan’s own branding.

As far as I can tell, AU Card, CoinX and Nvayo Limited are all owned and operated by Chris Scanlon.

Nvayo Limited is also the financial services provider behind PlatinWorld’s PLC Ultima Ponzi debit card.

Chris Scanlon (right) is believed to be a resident of Utah in the US.

If Club Swan and Scanlon are aware of a US regulatory investigation into GSPartners, or are under investigation themselves, this hasn’t been disclosed to their clients.

As of August 2022, SimilarWeb tracks the US as the largest source of traffic to GSPartners’ website (39%).

At time of publication the GSLifestyle standalone website was inaccessible. GSPartners has not publicly addressed losing its GSLifestyle financial partners.

Rather than be honest about losing their GSLifestyle financial provider, GSPartners instead told affiliates the service was “under upgrade”:

The above announcement appeared in GSPartners affiliate backoffices on September 13th.