Earlier this month BDSwiss began confirming it had no partnership with GSPartners through support tickets.

Now the broker has issued a public statement reiterating no partnership ever existed.

BDSwiss clarified its relationship with GSPartners in a January 25th “Important announcement about BDSwiss associates”;

Dear valued clients and friends,

It has come to our attention that for quite some time now, GSPartners Team, Lydian.world, Gold Standard Bank, and/or their associates have been on a publishing expedition of content explicitly featuring our brand and registered trademarks, suggesting an affiliation and/or cooperation with us.

We hereby wish to set the record straight by informing you that we have never started any kind of cooperation or affiliation with GSPartners Team, Lydian.world or Gold Standard Bank.

If you ever come across such content, please be informed that we have not approved it and are not associated with GSPartners Team, Lydian.world, Gold Standard Bank, or any of their representatives.

GSPartners represents that forex trading by BDSwiss is behind returns it paid to affiliates participating in its “metaverse certificates” investment scheme.

Through metaverse certificates, GSPartners solicits investment in tether on the promise of a passive weekly return.

GSPartners affiliates can invest up to 700,000 USDT, which purportedly pays out up to 480% annually:

With BDSwiss out of the picture, the only verifiable source of revenue entering GSPartners’ metaverse certificates scheme is new investment.

Recycling new investment to pay affiliate withdrawals makes GSPartners’ metaverse certificates opportunity a Ponzi scheme.

Additionally, despite having a predominantly US-based investor base and representing they are engaged in forex trading on behalf of US residents, neither GSPartners or owner Josip Heit are registered with the SEC or CFTC.


Update 3rd February 2023 – GSPartners is trying to cover up its BDSwiss lies through a new Skyground Group partnership.


Update 4th February 2023 – Since publication of this article BDSwiss has taken down its “no partnership with GSPartners” announcement. A reason for the takedown hasn’t been provided.

The screenshot of the announcement provided in this article was taken from BDSwiss’ website on January 30th, 2023.